You're about to have a Really Crappy Morning

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I know next to nothing about cars, but what I do know is lights on the dashboard are generally bad. See one, start to worry, that's my motto. But before one can start worrying, one must be able to decipher the hieroglyphics of lite-brite symbols glowing on one's dash. Some are self-explanatory:

Thanks, think I've got this one.

While others seem to absolutely make no sense at all:

My dash is surprised to see me looking so great today? My dash is excited because it's Wednesday? My dash is alarmed at the heat? WHAT IS THIS?

Well after turning to page 36 in my owner's manual (I like to follow rules) I determined that this almost fully circularly inclosed exclamation point was in fact alerting me that my tire pressure was low. (Would ditching the awkward picture in favor of the word "TIRE" or maybe even a glowing "T" cost too much?) 

Rather alarmed (my tires aren't even a year old) I exited the vehicle and examined my tires. Sho' nuff, one of my tires was indeed low. In fact, an alarmist might have even described it as "flat." Exclamation point. Making a long story short, there was a screw in my tire and a couple of my outstanding coworkers not only took the tire off, but patched the tire so I don't even have to drive on the spare. I am a lucky gal. 

But, dear Honda, seriously -- please consider the glowing TIRE for the 2013 cars. If that doesn't work perhaps a glowing  YOU'RE ABOUT TO HAVE A REALLY CRAPPY MORNING might also work. A thought.

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