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Sunday, September 27, 2015

I had a wonderful weekend in Morgantown watching the Mountaineers with my brother Alex and visiting my grandparents.

It's always good to be home in Morgantown, and this weekend was no exception. The weather was nice and sunny, although it turned a bit chilly in the second half, and the game was so much fun. Now that we've all gotten older, I don't get to see and hang out with my siblings as often as I did when we were little, so it was really nice driving up, watching the game, and driving back with my brother Allie.

Some highlights of the game were Brad Paisley performing Country Roads with The Pride of West Virginia. Or, more accurately, watching my sister Emma back up Brad Paisley! Not many people can say that! My dad said that he saw on TV that there will be some ABC special where various singers perform songs that mean something to them, and they asked Brad Paisley to sing Country Roads. And then Brad suggested he do so at a WVU football game. Love that guy!

We also saw Bobby Bowden with the 1975 Peach Bowl team, which was cool. I have a lot of family members who were at that game. We also saw Amos Zeroue, whom you may or may not know, but he played for the Mountaineers in the mid 90s, and he was being inducted into the Hall of Fame as well. He was on the team when I was in middle school, and now I teach middle school, and he's being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Sunrise, sunset.

As always, we got to see Emma perform at the halftime show, which I always enjoy. (Well, I did. Allie was waiting in line for snacks, but please don't ask him about it because I think he's still not over his experience.)

The most fun thing, as it always is in Morgantown, is spending a decent chunk of time around people who are not making fun of me or saying something bad to me about being a WVU fan. I always enjoy the safety and security of my people up north. Oh, and the 45-6 win over Maryland definitely did not hurt! :)

All in all, it was a great weekend, and I'm glad to have gotten to go! I just wish my mom could have gone, but she was there in spirit. We're headed up again in a couple of weeks for the Oklahoma State game.

(Oh, and I'm sure you're dying to know about Snicks's weekend without me. He lived. Barely. See, I usually give him a bunch of greens in the morning and some pellets in the afternoon when I get home. Well, I knew I was leaving directly from school on Friday, so on Friday morning before I left I gave him both greens and pellets. WITH THE EXPLICIT DIRECTION not to eat both all at the same time since no one was coming to feed him till Saturday afternoon. Well, he did not listen. Bunnies. When my mom arrived Saturday to feed him, she said he was on her like white on rice the minute he heard that fridge door open. So she fed him greens and pellets. And he learned his lesson and did not eat them all up just in case I wasn't home to feed him till late Sunday. NOT. He ate them all up and then starved from then till Sunday afternoon when I got home. He's hopeless.)
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