7 Quick Takes Friday

Friday, June 8, 2012

Linking up again with Jen from Conversion Diary.

1. I am so excited for this weekend. My mom, sister Erin and I are taking my newly-graduated sister on a SECRET TRIP. :) Emma has no idea where we're going but -- shhhh -- we're taking her to Dayton, OH to see the Broadway tour of Wicked! All she knows is to be ready to leave at 7 a.m. tomorrow (we're going to this really cool mall first, not trying to be 12 hours early for the show) and pack something nice to wear! Knowing she doesn't read this blog, I feel safe in my post!

2. This is a photo of a person who leads a REALLY good and comfortable lifestyle:

Or else it's the photo of a person who's about to eat my head off. Those eyes are something else. 

3. This is also the photo of someone who knows who rules the kingdom in which he lives:

Anyone who can eat snacks while using the bathroom knows from the good life! And yes, apparently I am one of those "moms" who takes pics of their "kids" on the "potty." (And blogs about it!)

4. Mucho thanks to Jen for take #3. I about peed my pants reading that.  It brings a whole new meaning to emulating the Blessed Mother. :) 

5. I don't know about you gals, but there are few things less comfortable than visiting a, shall we say, female doctor. I had to attend yesterday morning (nothing says HAVE A GREAT DAY! like stirrups at 8 a.m.). As if the appointment wasn't going to be awkward enough, I had jusssst covered myself in the paper gown and had slid down the table to "come closer!" to the doctor when she and the nurse decided the light wasn't close enough for her to get a "good look." (DEAR LORD.) At any rate -- the ensuing actions were Three Stooges worthy, as the cord became wrapped around the light, wouldn't stretch and both the doctor and nurse were contemplating how best to handle the situation whilst I sat spread eagle for the world to see. (Sorry if that's TMI, but only two people read this blog so I think it's okay. Hi Story and Jenna!)

6. I am ADORING this song. I listen to KLOVE usually all day while at work and this just makes me happy when I hear it. "Help us to remember we are all the least of these."

7. Lest you think I am a religious music purist, I must also admit that I LOVE this song. (Warning: explicit lyrics.) I can't help it. It's fun to run to!


  1. Adorable bunny! I have 4 of them at my house. They are so awesome!

  2. Thank you! I surely love him like he's a real boy. He's the light of my life! :)

  3. Lol, thanks for the shout-out, just reading this now :D! Sorry for your "adventures", shall we say, at the doctors :P Btw, I thought #7 would be the "Purple Pills", lol

  4. No such thing as TMI. Especially when discussing hilarious gyno stories!

  5. Now that I've found your blog, I must catch up!

    I could share some gyno (/ob) stories that may give new meaning to TMI :) I'm seeing mine every two weeks right now, but all he does is measure my belly. That will change soon. When I was in labor with Maiya (a LIFETIME ago), I had a similar experience, except it was with the stirrups on the hospital bed. Fun times!


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