Friday, June 15, 2012

1. This is the picture of someone who is not aware of his own heft:

2. When Snicks was but a wee bunny, he used to like to slide himself under the front of the dresser (clearance: 3 inches) and chill in the comfort of darkness and used gift bags. As he has gotten larger ("larger" in this instance equals about four pounds) he still likes to be under the dresser. Now, he just enters from behind the dresser. As you can see above, he still thinks he can fit out the front. And I'll be darned if I didn't watch the other day as he squeezed his little head out, flattened himself, elongated to about two feet and snaked out the front.

3. If there's a rabbit version of Cirque de Soleil someone call me because clearly I need to develop this talent in Snicks.

4. This is totally off topic, but I realized something yesterday. I am friends with some moms who are all about my age, and sometimes I feel very left out. They post things on each others' Facebook walls and say things like "this is for all you  mamas!" when posting a funny kid story. I feel really left out sometimes because I don't have kids, like I'm not cool enough to be in their little moms club full of funny things their kids say and do. 

5. I am so glad Jen decided to create a hashtag for Seven Quick Takes! Although, as she says, it only took her three years to come up with the idea, clearly I NEVER came up with it, so she's ahead of me. Join the fun at #7qt

6. My sister Erin has invited me over for dinner. Thank God because I don't cook anything, and Erin loves cooking. Generally because she's the sister with all the talents. If there was ever a person in this world who needed to create a blog, it's Erin. She is the funniest person in the world. Honestly. In the world of comedy and hilariousness, she is like Mel Brooks and I am like... I don't know someone slow-witted with terrible jokes. One of Erin's biggest talent is her ability to caption family photos. She did this great album on Facebook of our family's trip to San Francisco. An excerpt:

THE SAN FRAN BAY! which is actually an estuary. mhmm. it, losers.    
... dad. that's the only face he makes in pictures. yeah. what a nerd.

there's a whole story behind the woods but i'm not gonna tell it.


this is a tiny angry asian kid that i loved. and can you see how he fully knew i was taking the photo but his mom didn't?! ... i am creepy!  

sleeping old man. delightful.
tmo at sfmoma, sanfran museum of modern art. mom kept actually saying 'suuuuhfahmoma' instead of just the 'moma' like everyone else. she was like projectile spitting on us every time. WHAT A DELIGHT!

Betcha wish you had gone on that vacation, don't you? See what I mean? :) 
7. Really, after that, what more can be said? Have a great weekend!


  1. You can post things on Facebook about me, and I am probably much smarter and hilarious than all their kids.

    Oh, Snickers. That's not being a good friend...

  2. Thanks Story! I will start writing my statuses about the funny things you do so I'll no longer be left out!


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