Anna Kraft is a 30-something West Virginian currently living in metro Atlanta. She has been writing since 2012, first at Anna Who is Magic and now at Happily Ever Krafter. At heart she is a reader, a writer, and a teacher. She would be completely fine if left alone all day with a stack of books (preferably by some kind of water), but her husband and sons like to see her from time to time. 

Happily Ever Krafter is a lifestyle blog that covers everything from motherhood to books to decor. It's a place for people who love sparkles, yellow, and the smell of library books who also understand that sometimes life is a little bit heavier and more serious than that. (But there's probably a book that will help.)

Some things Anna loves are the library, old movies, wine, Jane Austen, the theater, traveling, college football, summer, donuts, the ocean, Princess Kate, beer, cleaning, good manners, rules, and old-fashioned things. Some things she does not love are when people chew loudly, mushrooms, people who snap their gum, people who make unnecessary noise, disorganization, messy things, bad manners, and emptying the dishwasher. 

Anna lives in Buford, Georgia, with her husband, young sons (one of whom has Cerebral Palsy), and two dogs: Asha, a Husky, and Jane Austen, a Terrier mutt who is not as well read as her name suggests. 

Photo courtesy of Margaret Schaad Photography

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