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Hi! I'm Anna Kraft, I'm in my mid-30s, and I'm a West Virginian who currently lives in the Atlanta metro area. I've been married to Joe since June 2018, and we just had our first child, a son, in early August! We also live with our two dogs Asha, a 12-year-old husky who is the best dog ever and Jane Austen, a somewhere-around-3-year-old Terrier mutt from the street who is the craziest dog ever. 

In 2012 I started this blog under the name Anna Who is Magic, writing about everything from books to teaching to the single life to faith and everything in between. In the summer of 2019, I decided that I needed to update and re-brand my blog to reflect the changes that had taken place in my life since I started it, namely: my marriage, my relocation to Georgia, and my new baby boy. While there are certainly new topics to be written about, you will still find me talking a lot about books, teaching, faith, and everything in between! The new name of this blog was the idea of my friend Sarah, who came up with it to be used as the hashtag at Joe and my wedding. 

By trade I am a teacher, specifically in middle school Language Arts, and I have spent the past five years teaching in Catholic school, four in West Virginia and one in Atlanta. Teaching brings me SUCH joy, and I am blessed with former students who continue to stay in touch and meet me for lunch when I make it back to West Virginia to visit. With a new baby in our family, Joe and I decided that it would be best for me to stay at home with our son this year. While I am blessed by this opportunity to mother my son, I am also sad about not being in the classroom this year. Combining that with being in a new place, and realizing that I rely a lot on the writing of other women across the United States to feel empowered, connected, and supported, I decided that re-branding and continuing this blog would be a great way for me to feel purposeful and not alone this year. 

Some things I love are the library, old movies, dancing, being Catholic, wine, the theatre, Jane Austen, traveling, college football (Go Mountaineers!), summer, donuts, the ocean, Princess Kate, beer, books, reading blogs, cleaning, good manners, rules, and old-fashioned things.

Some things I do not love are when people chew anything loudly, mushrooms, vulgar things, people who snap their gum, people who make unnecessary noise, people who are always on their phones, people who are fans of the Pittsburgh Panthers, disorganization, messy things, people with bad manners, and laundry. 

I am SO happy you are here. 

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