I Love Wearing Nude... Heels

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nothing is more upsetting than wearing out a favorite item of clothing, only to return to the store of purchase to find that they no longer carry that item. Ugh! It is so annoying. I have a pair of patent leather (LOVE patent leather) nude heels by the brand Apt. 9 that I bought at Kohl's about four years ago that I LOVE. I don't mean like "Oh, I love these shoes!" I mean like I LOVE THESE SHOES. Although my left foot is about a half size larger than my right (amazing) both shoes fit perfectly, they are comfortable, don't cause blisters and generally go with everything. The problem is that they go with everything. Which means I wear them with everything. Which means they are dead. They have been dying for about a year, have definitely passed on and were absolutely dug up by me so I could keep on wearing them. (Like today.) Although I realize how hideously worn out and embarrassing they are I cannot bring myself to throw them away because they would leave an un-fillable void in my life. I have searched my local Kohl's,, Apt. 9 online, ebay and everything else I can think of to get another pair of these dang shoes to no avail!

Now if these shoes were a zebra/floral print mix with sequins, then I might understand why they were a one-time product never to be seen again. But these are nude heels! Who doesn't need a pair of these? If nude heels are good enough for this gal:

then they are certainly good enough for me. 

In case you are thinking, Anna -- your shoes can't be that bad, I offer up this as proof. And, yes, I did wear them to work today. 

Why, yes, that is the leather completely detached from the heel. You barely notice, right?

Verdict is still out on whether or not Snicks bit this one, but sadly, I'm 99.9% sure his teeth never touched it.

This is just embarrassing.

I mean yikes, right? The leather is completely off the heel, there is a RIP in one of the sides and the seams are coming apart. That is appalling. 

I finally bit the bullet and found a pair of -- similar looking -- heels on These babies should be arriving at my house in the next 5-7 business days. And they better be BALLER because they have a tough act to follow. 

RIP Apt. 9 Blush Patent Leather Heels: 2008-2012.

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