Same Crap, Different Pile

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friday evening I had a nice time with my friends Sarah and Jaye at an outdoor event here in Huntington. After a delish snow cone, some great girl talk and listening to a cool band on a warm night, I went home happy, ready to pack a few things for an overnight trip and head to bed.

When I got home I decided I should clean out Snickers the Bunny's litterbox so that my kindly brother, who would be coming by to feed him while I was out of town, would not have to worry about it. I unhooked the cage lid as I always do and lifted it off, blissfully unawares that the litterbox had gotten itself hooked on to the cage lid. 

Now, I'm going to pause here to say -- I don't like to perpetuate incorrect stereotypes of precious bunnies who are just trying to make an honest living. However I will say that bunny poo is from the devil. Not in its smell, as it's virtually scent-free, but in it's sheer number. Snicks easily poos 500 poos a day. Bless his teeny heart, he's so good about getting them in his litterbox, but sometimes... (back to the story)

The litterbox dangled precariously for a second, but there was nary a thing I could do. The contents spilled everywhere. Suddenly I was looking at a (clean) carpet covered in bunny poos and used litter. Ugh. I went to get the vacuum to start sweeping it up, but something was not quite right. I opened the vacuum to realize that the bag was full and had overflowed... overflowed, you guessed it, bunny poos. So now there were errant poos in the vacuum bag compartment. How does one vacuum the vacuum bag compartment, as one cannot capture anything in a vacuum bag when the lid is open, which is has to be if you're vacuuming something out of it. Got it? There was only one thing to do, you guessed it, dump the bunny poos on the floor. Thus, leaving me with two piles of bunny poo to contend with.

You're probably asking yourself, why, where was the bunny poo creator during all this? Right here:

No, no, Snicks, please don't get up. Don't you worry. Mommy's got this one. 

Looking cozy, no? I can honestly say that on Friday, my life was a literal rhymes-with-shpitslorm.


  1. Can we start a band called "errant poos?" I am in love with that word choice!

  2. That sounds great Jenna! I'm going to look into getting tee shirts made...


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