Monday, October 22, 2018

I am having a really hard time lately.

I can't really go into more detail than that (and Joe and I are great), but there is something in my life right now that is causing me a lot of anguish.





And I don't know what to do about it. There seems to be little I can do about it right now.

Today was more of the same, and I'm always thinking I just won't make it.

But, boom boom boom -- just like that -- three emails from beloved former students. (EDIT: As of 10:28 p.m. it's now four. FOUR beloved former students.)

One when I got up. One when the school day had just ended. One this evening. (EDIT: And now, one right before bed. That's when I got up, after school, when I got home, and right before bed.)

Three emails that three precious souls took their precious time to write to me. They made my day and have given me the strength to live to fight another day.

And that got me thinking that over the past few months, God has come through for me in small ways every moment that I've needed something. What He has NOT done is delivered me from my situation, given me a way out, or explained anything to me. But He truly has given me little pieces -- just enough -- to keep me going. To keep me from falling apart.

He is giving me exactly what I need. No more, no less. He's not giving me a way out of my circumstances, but He is giving me the exact amount of grace I need in order to endure and get up and do it again tomorrow. He's giving me the exact amount (the EXACT amount) of drops of love I need to know that He is there and He hears me while also making sure that I am completely reliant on Him to keep going.

Is this what they call surrender? I think it might be. I might not be happy about what's going on. I certainly don't understand it. I absolutely can't figure out what the point is. But I do see that He sees it. And He is allowing it. So this must be His will. And I must surrender to it, content in the promise of His grace.

Aunt Elizabeth

Sunday, October 14, 2018

What is your earliest childhood memory?

I was thinking about that recently. I'm lucky because my earliest memories are beautiful ones. You see, when I was a young child, my mom, dad, Erin, and I lived with my mom's parents -- my Pap and Mamaw -- in the house they still live in now in Morgantown. My mom's sister, my Aunt Elizabeth, lived there too with her two kids at the time, my cousins Rebecca and Matthew. Even more fun, Becca was born in July of 1983, I was born in July 1984, Matthew was born in July 1985, and Erin was born in late June 1986. We were little stair-step kids. I count myself so blessed because I was surrounded by SO many adults who loved me in my early years: my dad, my mom, Mamaw, Pap, and Aunt Elizabeth.

Me, Erin, and Becca at my grandparents' house.

My grandparents and my parents worked outside the home, so my Aunt Elizabeth is the one who stayed home and took care of us. And it's my Aunt Elizabeth who is the lead in what I think might be my earliest -- or at least one of the very earliest -- memories of my childhood. I have this very distinct memory of my Aunt Elizabeth teaching us how to skip like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz through my grandparents' living room and into their kitchen. It is SUCH a clear memory. She also used to make us lunch while singing, "Peanut butter and jelly, for my Becca's belly. Peanut butter and banana, for my little Anna." That's another memory of her that's as clear as day.

I feel so lucky to have been able to stay home as a little child while my parents worked, with an aunt who loved me so much and cousins and sister to play with.

Although my immediate family and I moved to Huntington for my dad's job when I was four, my aunt continued to play a huge role in my life. When we'd visit Morgantown, I'd get to spend the night with Becca at Aunt Elizabeth's house, and it was so much fun. She'd always drive us places, and we'd listen to the Eagles or the Police. My aunt is loud, she's funny, she's smart, and she's so much fun.

More than that, though, she's likely the most hardworking, giving, big-hearted, and kind person I know, too. She might not have much in the way of material things or wealth, but my gosh, she would never hesitate to give anything to you that you needed. I am full of regret for the times I have made life harder for her or hurt her feelings.

I'm 34 now, married, and I don't have children, but I am a teacher. I reflect on what it must have been like for a very young 20-something woman to raise/help raise four very, very little kids, spending day in and day out with us. Someone who must have had her own worries and challenges, as we all do, but who took care of us, fed us, sang to us, made life special for us, and taught us to skip like Dorothy.

Aunt Elizabeth -- I love you so much. You are more than an aunt. You are the greatest bonus mom anyone could ask for.

Accidentally wearing matching shirts! If I remember correctly, we accidentally wore matching shirts the next day, too.

Anybody Home?

Monday, October 1, 2018

April? APRIL?!

The last time I posted was April?

As surprising and sad as that sounds to me, it also sounds realistic. The past few months of my life have been the most emotional, turbulent, and full-of-change months of my life. While I have so many thoughts, reflections, and things to say on lots and lots of topics (dare I say that I ... might post on those things soon?), I wanted to come back to blogging life with something happy and wonderful.

I wanted to share with you about my wedding to Joe.

As you prepare for a wedding, one thing people tell you over and over is to expect that something will go wrong. As much of a planner as I am, I was truly okay with this happening. I believed in my heart that the only thing that mattered was that Joe and I would be married by the end of that day. We had done all we could to plan, and whatever happened, happened.

And you know what?

... nothing went wrong. NOTHING. It was the best and most perfect day of my life. Here are some reasons why:

The Dream Team
Never in the history of the world did a bride have such a wonderful group of women to stand up with her. My bridesmaids were heaven sent. Seriously. I called them the Dream Team. Throughout the process they were great, but on the day of -- wow. They were on time to hair and makeup, had only wonderful attitudes and things to say, were easygoing, were complimentary, asked for nothing, complained about nothing, and were generally the best people on God's earth. I'd give anything to have them around me all day every day. I have so many happy moments with them that day, but one of the top ones is Sarah praying for us just before I walked down the aisle. I wish I could relive that moment always. Erin, Mel, Sarah, Story, Colleen, and Emma -- God, I love you guys.

The Venues
We were married at Our Lady of Fatima, the church where I grew up, and our reception was at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena. We could not have asked for better locations. Wanna hear something weird? The air conditioner at Fatima had broken the week before the big day. I (and my mom) had everyone on God's earth praying that it would be fixed in time for the wedding. (Seriously. "Did you find everything you needed today?" -- Target cashier. "Yes, and can you please pray the air conditioner is fixed at the church before my wedding Saturday?" -- me.) I just kept telling myself that a person God had afflicted with hyperhidrosis would not also have to suffer the indignity of a hot wedding. Miraculously, the air was fixed!!! (Even weirder, my mom texted me a couple days after the wedding to tell me the air had broken again. God is real, people.) We also loved everyone at the Big Sandy Arena! Veronica, Lindsey, and company were simply the best. Early in the evening, I noticed that our event coordinator, Lindsey, was bartending. I thought it was odd, but, with everyone else going on that day (like getting married), I didn't really think on it further. Later in the evening, I went to the bar to get a water (seriously, I drank, like, EVERYONE'S waters), and I thanked Lindsey for all the great work her staff was doing. You know how she replied? "The chef quit earlier this week." EXCUSE ME?! Yeah, their chef quit earlier that week, and she was bartending because their lead bartender was actually their sous chef and was heading up the kitchen. You guys. The food was EXACTLY AS GOOD as our food tasting. Arena staff -- you have my forever love.

The Family
You know those movies that feature the most monstrous in laws or the mother of the bride who is such a pill? I have no idea what that's like in real life. My parents were the best, and my in laws are one of the biggest blessings of my "new" life. Everyone got along, helped each other, had fun, and rolled with it. I was also so blessed to have so many family members come to my wedding. My lovely family came from all over West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kansas, and Virginia to celebrate with us. Here's a photo of what pretty much amounts to being 1/8 of my actual family. Haha.

The Vendors
Guys ... I don't know how we got so lucky, but our wedding vendors were the best ever. If you are in need of any of these services, please, for Heaven's sake, do yourself a favor and reach out to:
Cake -- Suzcatering (delicious, beautiful, amazing)
Wedding Planners -- TwoFineWays (Could there be two better people than Hannah and Leah? I think not!)
Flowers -- The Putnam Market (If you're local and haven't gone there ... go!)
DJ -- Bravo Live! (I can't say enough about how awesome Josh is! Please call him if you have any DJ needs!)
Photography -- Margaret Schaad Photography (Maggie is simply one of the best people I've ever met. If your plan for your wedding day includes wanting to have people around you who are kind, uplifting, loving, professional, and amazing at their jobs ... reach out to Maggie, or you're making a mistake!)
Videography -- I have been in more than one Drew Navy production, so I know from what. Drew is the best. No question. I was honored to be in just one more of his films! There is only one Drew Navy. See his video below.

The Friends
Thank you so much to all of our friends who spent our day with us. We know some of you traveled a long way, gave up time with your own kids and families, and spent your precious off-work time with us. It meant SO much to us to have you there!

My Kids
One of my absolute favorite parts of my whole day was having my precious girls at my ceremony. I teach English, but I do not have words -- I truly do not -- for how I feel when I think about my sweet girls coming to our ceremony. As we walked out of the church that day, I knew our job was to walk through the crowd and then double back around to take photos with our families and bridal party. Before it happened, though, I said to our photographer, Maggie, that I wouldn't stop at all ... except for students. I would only stop for students. And I did. My girls -- you are my life. You being there made my life. It really did.

This is a photo I will treasure till the day I die.

When I first received my wedding photos, I didn't cry ... until I saw this one. It gets me every time.

More later on all kinds of topics. But for now, Drew's (and Sarah's!) spectacular, creative, more-than-we-could-have-dreamed-of video of our wedding. The one that makes me cry every. single. time.

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