It's Seven Quick Takes Friday!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Once again linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary for Super Fun Friday!

1. I don't have cable in my bedroom (I believe that's called a "first world problem"), so I keep my DVD player in there and often watch DVDs. I feel like the DVD player and I have a good relationship but I'm starting to think it thinks I need to be smarter and/or more educated:

Yes, that is closed captioning IN SPANISH. Did I turn it on myself? I did not. In fact, I turned it off on the previous episode, and then when this episode came on IT TURNED ON AGAIN. I honestly have no idea why my DVD player wishes to communicate with me in Spanish, but I think this takes more investigation.

And, yes, that's Bewitched. And before you ask, I have seasons one, two, three, six, seven and eight. I think. I know I'm missing some. Who doesn't love Bewitched?

2. My sister Erin, frequent star of this blog, is of the belief, and is trying to convert others as well, that this is the "greatest video of our generation." You're welcome. I guess.

3. Do you have something in your life that you just love so much, you can't even explain it? I do. For me, that thing is Wikipedia. I could spend all day, every day reading about I'm not even sure what on Wikipedia. My favorite thing to read on Wikipedia -- deep  breath Anna, it's time to get this out in the open -- are plots of horror films. You see, I am a majah fraidy cat, and I won't see scary movies. But when I see the previews I am so interested in them that I just HAVE to know what happens. (What do you mean The Hills Have Eyes?! What is happening in that Cabin in the Woods?!?) So, in order to satisfy my curiosity, I read the plots on Wikipedia. I was certain this was something everyone did... until my sister Erin informed me that, in fact, this was something NO ONE did. Huh.

4. Speaking of things I love, how preshtastic is this picture of Baby Snicks?

Yes, that is the bunny himself asleep on his side, with his presh little head smooshed into his plastic bowl. Isn't your heart so warm now?

5. I listen to KLOVE pretty much all day long (if you don't you should try it) and this week is their fall pledge drive. They always have a charity that they support within their pledge drives, and this season is an organization called Operation Warm. In a nutshell, they make sure kids have warm coats to wear in the winter. Look at this beautiful quote from a boy who received a coat:

For goodness sakes, donate $10 and buy a kid a coat! 

6. I am in Magazine Writing class this semester for my Journalism Master's program. Our assignment right now is to write a profile story, and I chose to interview and profile filmmaker Deborah Novak, who was so kind to invite me to her house to interview her a few days ago. Her latest documentary is on New York City Ballet dancer Steven Caras, so I looked him up on Facebook and on a whim, messaged him to see if he'd comment for my story. Not only did he comment, he replied within a couple hours AND wrote at least a paragraph. It was awesome. What a nice man. And an awesome experience for a ballet nerd like me.

7.  I am starting a new job on Monday... more to come later, but please pray for me.

Oh Boy

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm not very outspokenly political -- I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself and instead encourage people to do things like donate to the food bank and buy needy kids winter coats -- but this photo really struck me this morning:

I saw it on The smiles say "Pleased to see  ya, opponent," but the eyes, oh the eyes. If eyes could kill, we'd have had two dead dudes in the OK Corral last night.
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