Seven Quick Takes Friday!

Friday, June 22, 2012

1. They have arrived! They look super cute, although a touch darker than my old ones, but I think they are a suitable replacement for my old beloved shoes. I  have an event to go to tonight, and I think I'll take them for a spin.

2.  The Coast Guard is here today at the Museum where I work. I run events -- both Museum sponsored events and event rentals -- and I've been working on this one since January. None of that is particularly interesting, but they did drive a boat up here! I'm DYING to run out to the boat and "sail the high seas!" (There was an episode of The Monkees once where Davy, Peter and Micky were on this boat... you know... never mind.) You can take the girl out of childhood, but you can't take childhood (childish...) out of the girl!

3.  Tomorrow afternoon I am going to a birthday party for my friend Jaye's daughter Avery who is turning 5. The party is at their house and it's going to be super fun! In the next month, I have THREE kids' birthday parties to attend, and I'm excited about each one of them. Although I will be the oldest guest there who has no children tagging along with them, I'm all about some pizza, chips, cake and ice cream. Plus, I LOVE buying them gifts. Jaye is very socially conscious, active in our community and general big-hearted do-gooder, so I bought her daughter this shirt. I hope they both love it. Don't worry, I'm also getting her a fun present like a Barbie or something equally as wonderful!

4.  I can't cook a darn thing, but I am obsessed with this recipe my friend Melissa gave me. Basically, you get a spice cake mix, stir in one can of pumpkin, bake and that's it! Seriously THAT IS IT. No eggs, no oil, nothing. Just the mix and the pumpkin. It makes DELISH pumpkin bread. I substituted gingerbread mix for the spice cake the other day and it is JUST as yummy! Tastes good, healthy and really easy to make.

5. Along those same lines, have you heard of the wonder that is Cake in a Mug? Melissa also shared this recipe with me, and since then I've told like 52 people about it. Once again, easy to make, delish and relatively healthy! You can use any flavor cake mix you want! Make it. Right now.

6.  Day 5 of me talking about Snicks' poo. For some reason the word "poo" just sounds a bit classier to me than "poop." He really is getting better, but I'm still monitoring his... poo... to make sure he's getting back to normal. The vet tech called me today to check on him (so nice of her to do that, if you're in the Tri-State area THIS is where you should be taking your pet) and she made me feel pretty good about the care I'm giving him. I'm sure all you "mothers" out there would agree, but no one knows your "baby" like you do, and you're the one who needs to be his advocate and make the best decisions for his health.

7. I often listen to KLOVE during the day, and the receptionist at our Museum listens a lot too. She arrived at work after me today and updated me on a really cool story I missed. A man who has neither of his legs climbed Mount Kilimanjaro using only his hands. HIS HANDS. Can you imagine? This should be a life lesson to us that anything is possible. Sometimes when I run -- yes, I'm still teaching myself to be a runner using Couch to 5k -- and I think I can't make it another minute I sometimes think what would happen if I lost my legs and could never run again, and that helps keep me going.

Bonus take -- I have Monday off and I -- and my SPF 74094870238 -- are going to the pool. I am so excited! 

Go see Jen for some better takes! 

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