Someplace Horrible.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

On Friday night I was flipping channels and I saw that "Enchanted" was on. Never one to shy away from a feel-good fairy tale movie, especially one I really like, I turned it on. It's a great movie, full of happiness and happy endings -- the best kind.

As I was watching, one line jumped out at me. The prince's evil stepmother doesn't want the prince to get married because his new wife would then take her crown. So she plots to send his fiancee to "a place with no happy endings."

Put another way, our world.

That's sad enough, but that line reminded me of a couple of others I'd heard before on Once Upon a Time. On that show (if you still have not seen it, loser.), the evil queen puts a curse on the fairy tale characters, and, as Rumplestiltskin tells Snow White, she plans to send them "someplace horrible ... no more happy endings." The queen herself calls it, "Somewhere horrible. Absolutely horrible." And, finally, our world is known as "a land without magic."

Man oh man.

All of these fairy tale shows and movies refer to the "real" world as a horrible place with no magic and no happy endings.

And sometimes it's really easy to think that they might be right. No one ever had to pay rent or a gas bill in the Enchanted Forest did they?

But honestly, who wants to live like this? Live someplace horrible with no happy endings? Not me. And I bet not you either.

And I know that's not a very realistic point of view or stance to take, but who wants to be realistic? You know what, I don't. None of us started out realistic. We started out as kids with dreams and hope and a belief in magic. Somewhere along the line someone taught us to be realistic. Ugh.

I was looking through my big book of quotes that I've been keeping for years the other day. I saw a quote in there that I love but hadn't thought about in a long time. And it is this:

People say that the movies should be more like real life.
I disagree.
It is real life that should be more like the movies. 

Can I get an Amen? 

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