Tuesday, January 6, 2015

One reason I was really pumped to start school yesterday was that right before Christmas break a very special sixth grader bounced up to me (trust me, she bounces!) before class one day and said, "Miss Lafferre, did you ever read The Baby-Sitters Club?"


This is like that legendary teaching moment you'll never forget. Because I lived and died for The Baby-Sitters Club for the majority of my young life. Heck, I even follow Ann M. Martin on Facebook to this day! I've even blogged before about my unparalleled ability to recall the names (first and last) of all the BSC clients, along with their phone number (KL5-3231) and the street where they had their meetings (Bradford Court), amongst other useless details.

I have almost every single BSC book ever written, well, most are in boxes at my parents', but I digress, and from time to time my mom used to ask me if I'd like to donate them somewhere. But I've never been able to part with them because they are so special.

But over break, I rounded up 6 or 7 of them and put them together to give this sweet girl our first day back. I told her to start with those and to keep them as long as she wanted and come back whenever she needs more. It took all I had not to ask her if she wanted to form our own Baby-Sitters Club because I'm not 13 anymore and that is weird.

But I can't tell you how much I love that she is reading and loving them. BSC 4 lyfe.

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