Hezky Den

Thursday, January 1, 2015

As my Czech friends would say, hezky den! Which translates to have a nice day or have a beautiful day. And I hope you all do have a very hezky den today, this first day of 2015.

As I said to my sister last night, 2015, man. Who thought they'd see the day? As Erin said, life is weird.

And it is.

I love new beginnings as much as the next person, and I take full advantage of the clean slate the new year brings. While each new day is a chance for a new beginning, there is something special -- magical you might say -- about the year changing. You have a fresh, new day planner with nothing yet written in the pages, and it's comforting to know that.

I don't necessarily subscribe to new year's resolutions per se. I think it's always good to set goals, but I also don't believe you should start a new year with setting yourself up for failure. (I'll lose 10 pounds by the end of January! Yikes.) However, I will say my best resolution of all time came a few years ago when I boldly stated I'd like to wake up every and ask myself, What would Kate Middleton wear? That was something I could actually do. (And my friend Story kindly turned it into a piece of wall art I have hanging over my closet to this day!)

But what I do love is choosing a word for the new year. I'm not sure who came up with it, but I first heard about it on Conversion Diary, one of my most favorite blogs. Basically, it's a word that you meditate on that year and set your goals around. And I thought it about it for about two seconds this year before I realized what my word would be.

And that world is HELP.

I realized that something I'd like to intentionally focus on is helping someone every single day. Helping someone in a real way, be it big or small. Some days somebody might need some serious help through organized volunteering. Other days, someone carrying a lot might need me to open a door for him or her. Either way, I'd like to help someone every day. I think it might be fun when 8 p.m. rolls around and I realize I haven't helped anyone yet that day. I'll have to find something to do! The most important person I am going to try and help this year is Joseph. We have until October 2015 to find him a family. Can you help?

I also like this fun idea that's been floating around the internet. I'm not sure I will be able to afford it, but it seems like a manageable way to save some money, so I am going to try! In fact, I just moved $1 from my checking account to my savings account, so I'm off to a super good start!

Oh, some fun news. In the next day or so I'll be featured, along with some other writers, on my friend Miranda's blog talking about day planners! (One of my favorite topics.) I'll post the exact link here when it's up, so be sure to read my thoughts on my awesome Kate Spade Bella Bookshelf planner!

Whatever your hopes, goals, dreams are for 2015, I hope it all goes your way in 2015. Here are some thoughts to leave you with:

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