An Ode to the First Monday Back After Break

Sunday, January 4, 2015

'Twas the night before Monday
And all through the town
Every teacher was celebrating
Their last precious moments of sitting down.
Yes break ends today
And tomorrow is the first day back
We'll all be getting our rest tonight
Because the students will all be wack.
Tomorrow's outfit is all picked out
And a packed lunch awaits
And we're vowing for at least a week
We won't be running late. 
But although we've enjoyed our time off
And our time with family and friends
We've really missed our students
So we're kind of happy spring semester begins! 


It's all true! I swear it! I actually am trying to get a jump on things this semester. I was at school for several hours today finishing preparations and just completed a few more things at home. I got my first day back outfit laid out, and I packed my lunch and my clothes for the gym after school. Right now I am kicking back with a delicious hot chocolate in a beautiful mug, both of which were given to me by a sweet student for Christmas.

Although Sunday nights are always a little bittersweet, this one even more than others, one great thing is helping me ease back in to Monday. And that is DOWNTON ABBEY! It returns this evening, and don't you worry, I'm all prepared for that too:

Just like the Brits do, right? :) 

Oh, and just a little funny for you in honor of tonight's premiere ... and the fact I believe my real last name is Mountbatten-Windsor. :)

Thanks for finding and sending this one, Erin! 

Whether you are a teacher or a non-teacher, I hope everyone has a great day back at work tomorrow!

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