Thursday, January 8, 2015

One of those days, man. You know the kind. When nothing big and bad really happened, but it's a day just the same. It's freezing cold out; you can't find your keys in your purse; for every thing you cross off your to-do list, two more things get added; you find out it costs $110 just to renew your passport (and checks only, of course, don't even think you can put that on a credit card and pay it off over a period of a couple months); you have a headache; your rabbit camps out in his litterbox right when you were getting ready to clean it; you stand in line at Family Dollar while the cashier and her coworker tell stories about how much they hate their jobs (while you mentally correct their grammar, not because you're rude but because you literally do it all day long and your brain can't turn off); and did I mention it is FREEZING COLD OUT?!

Winter. Blah.

I was dusting this evening because it's Thursday and that's what I do, and, as always, I gently moved my copy of Once Upon a Time, best gift ever and authored by The Great and Powerful Story, to dust underneath. On a whim I opened the cover, and I was glad I did because I needed to see what was in there.

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