To Colleen, on her 29th Birthday

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Today is my friend Colleen's 29th Birthday! Yay! I met Colleen several years back, and since she lives in D.C. we don't get to see each other's faces more than once a year, but we talk pretty often. Mostly about important things.

For instance, if not for Colleen I probably wouldn't be on the NSA's watch list for whatever they think "Bob Costas's eye" is code for. (I'm a Verizon customer.) Little do they know, "Bob Costas's eye" is actually code for nothing because, yes, two people CAN actually text back and forth that many times over a period of two weeks about that very thing. I think we got so involved we were actually more worried for Bob's health than our own about 3 days in to the saga.

As the Olympics drew to a close, we were wondering what our next big topic of intense conversation would be, and then Malaysia Airlines flight 370 made the news. Since that sad story has obviously still not reached a conclusion, Colleen and I are now on our fifth or sixth week of discussing that. Honestly, if Courtney Love can provide her opinion (really?) then we can provide ours. And, as Colleen pointed out, we're not sure why we're not being asked to go help investigate as we clearly know more about it at this point than anyone else. Oh, and you cannot imagine the peak of excitement that occurred when the Navy got involved because Colleen works in public affairs for the Navy, so now it's like she's actually involved, not just fake involved like I still am! (Pinger locator is really fun to say.)

Without Colleen there would be a lot fewer emojis being texted to me in my life and a lot less dissection of weekly episodes of Scandal. Also there are only so many people in the world for whom you can purchase a Christmas Chillow or an unauthorized biography of Lil' Wayne and it be received with love, just sayin.

Also, I suppose, a lot less supportive friendship too. But that obviously pales in comparison to Bob Costas's eye. :)

Love you Colleen! Happy Birthday.

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