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Thursday, April 10, 2014

You know what's so awesome? When God speaks through someone else to tell you something you have to hear.

Tonight I was scrolling around on Facebook as I do on Thursday nights in between blog reading and TV watching, and I saw something that literally made part of my soul die a little. Before I show it to you, I'm going to post this pic I took of a rainbow the other day because I can't have what I'm about to show you be the thumbnail of this post.

Okay, now that we're safe, here's what stabbed my heart:

Things have been not so great lately and I'm really good about letting bad things get into my head and take root, making everything look grim and hopeless.

I wanted to wash that meme from my brain, but I just could not. But a little while after I saw it, my BFF Melissa posted this on my Facebook wall:

The door about to be opened is not nearly as important as the story that led you to that door. 

Isn't that so beautiful? Mel was at a worship service this evening and heard that and said that she immediately thought of me when she heard it. I think God told her to remember it and let me know. Because I really needed to hear it.

Also, if you capitalized the "s" in "story" and made it Story, that sentence would take on an even better and more beautiful meaning.

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