Seven QTF: Sickness, Snickerdoodle, Scared

Friday, April 11, 2014

Linking up with Jen for Seven Quick Takes Friday!

1. You know what stinks about not feeling well? Other than not feeling well of course. I'm hot, then cold, then hot, then cold, then hot, then cold ... you get picture.

2. I'm not SICK sick but I am feeling rough. I don't know if it's a cold or allergies but man, I'm wiped out. I didn't even want to eat a corn dog tonight, so that should tell you something. And you know what unites us all when we feel sick? No matter how old we are, what we're suffering from or where we're located ... when we're sick we all want our mommies.

3. On The World Over last night Raymond Arroyo interviewed Rick Warren. It was awesome! I love it when Christians of different denominations can talk about what we agree on and how we can work together. Also Rick Warren said he watches EWTN more than any other Christian channel! Pastor Warren also shared that he recently read a headline that said "If you like Pope Francis, you'll like Jesus." He said he liked it so much he saved it! Isn't that awesome?

4. You know who is just the cutest little thing? Baby Snickerdoodle! Obvs. I just love watching him do things. And really, he never does anything. Like not a dang thing. Mostly I love watching him sleep (that's not creepy) because it is just so precious. I just look at him and think, God made this teeny little rabbit just for me and cleared the path for us to find each other.

This picture makes him look FAT. In reality, he weighs about 5 lbs.

5. Tomorrow is the last Lenten Fish Dinner. Sad, sad day. Because I'm really spiritually mature I feel like I should share that fish dinners are my favorite part of Lent. :) Also, it's been nice seeing my parents every Friday evening for dinner.

6. I have to say that I am so tired from studying for this test. So very, very tired. What is especially terrifying is that I am spending so much time and energy studying for the exam - to the detriment of anything else in my life - that if I fail it, all this will have been for nothing. That scares the living daylights out of me. I'm studying so hard, but this test is really an enigma to me since anything could be on it. ANYTHING. From the five core subjects I had to take for this Master's, one of which I took almost four years ago. I need so many prayers - for concentration and motivation to study, for the calming of my anxiety, for the wisdom to pass - so if you think of it, I'd appreciate any prayers.

7. And if you're already on the line with God, would you also pray for my heart kid Anna Marie? She desperately needs a mama and a dad. She's at risk of aging out of being available for adoption. And I don't know if you know what it's like to not have any parents - I certainly do not know and I hope you don't either - but it just seems like it would honestly be THE WORST THING. Like I really can't imagine anything worse. Like I said the other day, I'm almost 30 and I still need my parents.

Go see Jen for better takes! Happy weekend!

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