Holy Monday

Monday, April 14, 2014

It is Monday of Holy Week.

Holy Week is such a wonderful time of year. It centers you, grounds you in your faith and truly makes you focus on something greater than yourself and your every day life.

In his homily this week, Father Jim said something that really struck me: If you find that you have been weak in your observance of Lent, Holy Week provides the opportunity to double down and get serious. I don't feel that I've been weak per se, but I definitely could have done a lot better. One of the hardest things for me this Lent is that my big exam is coming up April 26. So basically, I have spent the entirety of this Lent worrying, stressing, fearing and having loads of anxiety. That's not really how one should feel during Lent (or ever), and it is also very selfish.

I've been studying pretty much every single day, whether it's hours at a time in the library or snippets of time I can steal at lunch or between obligations. But I've decided that, even though the exam is a week and a half away, I am not studying on Good Friday. I am going to take time for prayer and observance of this so important day.

And since I've spent this Lent stressed and anxious to the max, I've decided to devote my blog this week to Holy Week readings. I have been using a devotional book called Jesus Today by Sarah Young and I really like it. (It's the sequel to Jesus Calling, another AWESOME book for both adults and kids. I like both versions!) It's not separated by date, so I've just been going in order from when I received it. Father Jim also gave me a book called Daily Reflections for Lent, which I have been using. I'll post photos of the readings of the day from both books.

Holy Monday: Jesus Today

Holy Monday: Daily Reflections for Lent

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