A Wholly Unoriginal Idea

Monday, April 7, 2014

You guys, I am seriously floundering.

I'm at one of those times in my life where I'm looking around wondering where all the vegetables went, barely exercising and Googling things like "Can rabbits eat Craisins?" because that's the only fruit we have in this house.

I'm looking around and feeling like a massive failure because I have dirty dishes in the sink, I pet Snickers for a grand total of three seconds a day and I don't think I've asked any of my friends how they're doing in a really long time.

I was driving home from the library tonight wondering what the hell, when I realized ...

Bare minimum mode.

I'm in bare minimum mode. And it's okay.

It's a phrase and idea coined by Jen, and it's so spot on for this time in my life. It basically means that you allow yourself to only do the minimum amount of what you must do to survive. Apparently this is not only for moms and families, but applies to single adults as well.

Because she says it better than I ever could paraphrase (and really, what's the point?) you absolutely must go and read it. I bet it will help you too.

I give you: bare minimum mode -- the explanation. And bare minimum mode -- some tips on surviving.

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