Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Can we all just agree to agree that the three worst chores on the planet are laundry, taking out the trash and getting your oil changed?

Honestly I think my least favorite of the least favorites is laundry. I would rather do anything than laundry. I would rather scrub my toilet with no gloves and a toothbrush than do laundry. I think it's because there is absolutely no instant gratification with laundry. First you have to sort it, then you have to wash a load, then you have to put it in the dryer or on the drying rack, then you have to repeat with another load, then when it's dry you have to fold it or hang it up. Or if you're me, you leave it in the laundry closet until the second coming.

I tell you, laundry is from the devil. No way is Michael the Archangel or Noah or my grandpa up in heaven doing laundry.

Typically, the way I operate is to pile all my clean laundry into the one laundry basket I own and just keep piling it and piling it. As long as it's "in" that basket, then it really hasn't gotten too out of  hand. It pretty  much takes me realizing that I have literally dressed myself from clothes only located in the laundry basket for several days in a row to actually put my crap away.

I didn't realize how bad it had gotten until the other day.

All that stuff is "in" the basket, right?
In that basket I found my Christmas pajamas. As in, the pajamas I wore on Christmas Day. The Christmas Day that occurred about a month ago. I also found a dress I wore during Nutcracker tech week. Nutcracker was Dec. 8 and 9. I think the most telling detail was the individual pairs of underwear located in that basket. Guess how many.


36. THIRTY-SIX. I honestly didn't even know I owned that many pairs of underwear. Do you know how many people live here? Guess how many.


1 (one). ME.


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