Faith the Size of a Small Rabbit

Sunday, January 20, 2013

This is Snicks. He sometimes likes to sleep with his face smashed up on the wall. I think it's so funny so I like to capture it on "film" -- via my digital iPhone cameraaaa -- from time to time.

As I took this picture today, I thought about how much faith Snickers has in me. He sleeps soundly knowing that I will protect him. He has faith that when he wakes up there will be food for him to eat, water for him to drink and a clean place for him to go to the bathroom. He has faith that I will hug him and love him and meet all of his needs.

And I'm just a person.

If Snicks has all this endless faith in me, I wondered why sometimes it's so hard to have faith that my heavenly Father will meet all of my needs. I worry constantly -- all day long -- about so many things: projects at work and whether I'll get them done correctly or on time; the dance studio and the millions of things that must be done there daily, the least of which being I have kids who need loved; my future and the possibility of marriage and a family; my mental health; the needs of my family and friends. Worry worry WORRY.

I think I could stand to take a lesson from Snickers the Bunny and have faith that I have a Parent who meets all of my needs, already knows my future and has a beautiful plan for me -- if I only open my heart up to His will and quit trying to do things by myself my own way.

 Like my favorite song of the moment says: to You my future is a memory cause You're already there.

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