Friday, January 18, 2013

Joining up this week with Jen and the gang!

1. The other day I received an email from the American Red Cross, informing me that if I donated blood in the next month or so I would receive a coupon for a free Dunkin' Donut. So you're probably thinking, dude, that's amazing! Right. It would be... if there was a Dunkin' Donuts anywhere near where I live. My love of donuts is pretty much legendary, and to be teased like that just really tore my heart out. However, I pulled it together when I got this apology email today:

It takes a big man to apologize, Red Cross. I accept.

2. Inevitably, every time I go to donate blood or have my blood taken, I am complimented on the sheer number of outstanding veins I have to choose from. I am totally taking this as a compliment. Some people have good hair, I have good veins. And I would argue that at the end of the day and the chips are down, only one of those two things is going to prevent you from the pain of double-stick hell. And it's not the hair. Just sayin'. 

3. My legendary love of donuts is second only to my legendary ability to eat food that has fallen on the floor. I observe the 30-second rule, and usually longer, if it "looks clean." One time my family and I were playing that game Apples to Apples and the question was asked "Which of these players is most likely to eat food off the floor?" The unanimous response, "Anna." And that's no small feat. There are seven people in my family. It stands to reason, then, as I was eating a cream cheese bagel sandwich in the car yesterday and half of it fell on the floor of the car, I picked it right back up. I gave it a quick look  and saw a pink sequin attached. I picked the sequin off and ate it. I feel that so much about my life could be explained by that incident.

4. I was thinking the other day about why I love the show "Once Upon a Time" so much, and I came up with three main reasons:

a. It teaches you to always have hope,  no matter what.
b. It teaches you that there is such a thing as true love and it's the most powerful magic of all.
c. One of the main themes is good always defeats evil.

You know who else is trying to teach us those things? God.

5. There are few things in this world that excite me more than an awesome snack coupon from Cinemark Theaters. My sister Erin got me started on these things, and the best part is they deliver them in your email box once a week, usually on Wednesdays. Sometimes they are not awesome (don't need a hot dog and nachos while I'm seeing a movie, thanks) but when they are buy a drink, get a free popcorn or the other way around, I am SOLD. Like I will search for movies to see to use the coupon. Last Saturday I saw "Zero Dark Thirty" with my friend Jenna because I had a coupon for a free small popcorn if I bought a large drink. (And also because I like Jenna.) This weekend I'm going to see "Silver Linings Playbook" with Erin because we both got a coupon for a free medium popcorn with the purchase of any size drink. Now, I know that these are marketing ploys to get you to a. See movies you could live without seeing and 2. Buy larger snacks than you need, but guess what? It works on me.

6. I heard this story on the radio today and I just think it's the sweetest thing ever.

7. The other day the Good Lord forced me to pray for someone that I literally had zero interest in praying for. Like negative zero interest. I had received a lot of support for something and just finished publicly proclaiming that I was grateful and would pray for each person individually. I looked up at God and was like "No way, right?" and God said "Yes.  Now." And so I said "Well technically I mentioned a certain AMOUNT of people so I don't have to, right? God: BLANK LOOK AT ME. So I did. I prayed. I wasn't really sure what to say and I have absolutely no idea why God forced me to do that, be He did, so I did. Spiritual growth, party of one.

Have a great weekend! And go see Jen! 

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