My Biological Rabbit

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snicks has what my sister Erin calls a "feeding station" in the living room. (I guess that's because he has another food station in another room, but I just feel that if I'm eating and watching TV, he should also be allowed to eat and watch TV but that's for another day.) He has a little dishtowel by the wall with one bowl of food and another of water. 

The other day I watched him push the food bowl about 8 inches off the towel so that he could lay on the towel. And, no lie, about 15 minutes later he decided he was finished laying on the towel... and he moved the bowl back to its proper place.

I often wonder if people can tell that Snicks is adopted and not my biological son. But then I see things like this and I realize -- people know he's mine. 

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