What I'm Reading Wednesday: Happy and Uplifting

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

For this week's What I'm Reading Wednesday, I thought I'd do a complete 180 degree turn from what I've been talking about. If you've been reading this blog lately, you know we've been reading spooky short stories for The Midnight Society, and the past couple of weeks of What I'm Reading Wednesday have covered tales of suspense and spooky stories you can pair with television shows or movies. But what if you are the kind of person who just doesn't like stories of horror, suspense, or thrill? There are probably not a lot of good lists for you this time of year! So if that is you, here is a list of books that I've read recently that are happy and uplifting (or at the very least, not scary!) that will do the trick!

The Key to Happily Ever After by Tif Marcelo  (Bookshop ❘ Amazon)

Three sisters inherit their parents' wedding planning business after their mother and father decide to retire. Marisol, the eldest, is exacting and severe; Jane, the middle child, plays the role of peacekeeper; and Pearl, the youngest, is headstrong and frequently butts heads with Marisol. The three sisters have to navigate their new relationship as equal part co-owners of the family business. 

Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton  (Bookshop ❘ Amazon)

Another book about sister relationships, Hurricane Season tells the story of Betsy and her younger sister Jenna. The two sisters are very different and haven't been close in years. This all changes when Jenna -- the wilder of the pair -- asks Betsy to watch her two young daughters for two weeks. Those two weeks turn into six as Betsy and Jenna learn more about themselves and each other. 

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty  (Bookshop ❘ Amazon)

Imagine not remembering the births of your children or that your mother is married. It's hard to believe, but that's exactly what happens to Alice. She wakes up after hitting her head thinking she is 29, happily married, and expecting her first child. However, she finds out she is actually 39, has three children, and is going through a divorce. The premise of this story may sound sad, but it's actually an uplifting tale of second chances. 

I hope these books will take you to a happy place where you can tune out all the ghosts, curses, and murders surrounding you this season! 

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