The Midnight Society: "The Monkey's Paw" Introduction

Monday, October 12, 2020

Hi everyone! Welcome to week 3 of The Midnight Society. This week we will be reading W. W. Jacobs's chilling classic "The Monkey's Paw." 

Ironically, although W. W. Jacobs wrote mostly comedy stories, he is best remembered for "The Monkey's Paw." This story takes place in London in the early 1900s and tells the story of the White family, a family that happens upon a talisman that is promised to grant them any three wishes of their choosing. The story of wishes not ending up quite as the wisher expected is a universal one, and W. W. Jacobs masterfully re-imagines that theme in this story. 

To join the fun this week, here's what you'll need:

- Text of the story can be found here

- If you prefer a read aloud, try this version. 

- To watch a retelling of the story done by the master Alfred Hitchcock on his show The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, click here

As you read this week, think about what other stories, movies, and television shows you've seen that deal with this same theme. And don't forget your crackling 
campfire to read by! 

I'll see you on Thursday for "The Monkey's Paw" discussion. Until then, be careful what you wish for ... 

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