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Friday, October 2, 2020

Since we were gone in West Virginia all last week, this week has been full of chores, errands, and generally playing the type of catch up you have to do when you've been out of town. This weekend we are hoping to relax, but that is all contingent upon whether or not we can finish clearing out half of the giant tree that fell down in our front yard while we were gone! Yes, we returned to half of one of our giant Bradford Pear trees completely fallen down in our front yard, so we (mostly Joe) have spent the past couple of days lopping, chainsawing, and dragging the limbs to the back yard. My ever-positive husband's response to all this was, "Now we don't have to pay for firewood for the winter!" Indeed. 

Here are some interesting stories I've found this week:

- If you're like us, then you want to get into the spirit of Halloween and fall by enjoying some movies and shows perfect for the season. If you have small children around, the Halloween and Friday the 13th movies may be a bit much, so here is a list of 21 not-so-scary movies you can stream for kids on Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. 

- Have you watched the new Netflix show Ratched? Since it's been number 1 on Netflix for a couple of days, chances are you have. Joe and I checked out the first couple of episodes since we usually like to watch a spooky or weird series during the month of October. (In the past we've watched things like American Horror Story and Twin Peaks.) Now, I'm neither recommending nor not recommending this series, as whether or not you like is completely contingent upon whether you like this type of show. (If you like American Horror Story you'll like this, if not, you'll hate it.) But I'm bring it up because if you have watched it and you felt some of the music was eerily familiar, it's because you have likely heard it before.  

- SpaceX's next astronaut launch is tentatively scheduled for Halloween! We love this sort of thing, so we are pumped!

- Speaking of space, there are several things to look forward to in the night sky this month! Bert and I got Joe a telescope for his last birthday, and we love taking it out on the back patio when we can and looking at cool things in the sky. 

- A great guide to the thriller vs. horror genres. 

- I don't really know much about Helen Reddy or her work, but I do know that she sang not one but two of the songs I'd put on the soundtrack of my childhood. 

- Here is a list of Penguin Random House's most anticipated books for fall. The book on this list I most want to read is The Searcher by Tana French.

- I've decided to really embrace this holiday season (more on that Tuesday!), and this list of fall treat ideas looks delish!

- It's Banned Books Week. The list of books is always so fascinating to me. 

Posts you may have missed:

- Three suspense novels perfect for October. 

- If you like a good mystery but can do without all the gore, violence, or police procedure, cozy mysteries are for you. 

- Know anyone having a baby? Here are my top 9 things new moms need at home. 

I hope you have a great weekend, and I look forward to seeing you back here on Monday for Week 2 of The Midnight Society

P.S. If you haven't had a chance to participate in our "The Tell-Tale Heart" discussion, it's not too late!  

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