There's Never Any Telling What You'll Say or Do Next

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The other day I was creating a webquest for my seventh grade students (my first one ever that wasn't for school!), and I needed a good photo of a detective. When I think "detective" I think "Sam Spade," so I googled The Maltese Falcon in order to find an image of him. Imagine my surprise when, instead of photos coming up first, it was a listing of showtimes for the movie in my area. What the what?!

TCM hosts a special movie in theatres once a month, and I've been to some of them before. I didn't know about The Maltese Falcon, however, until I happened to google it! I LOVE that movie. In fact, one of my favorite quotes of all time is from that movie: There's never any telling what you'll say or do next, except that it's bound to be something astonishing! Don't you just love that? I hope someone says that about me one day.

To be fair, I love most old movies, but there is just something special about The Maltese Falcon, isn't there? I mean, film noir, man -- they just don't make them like that any more.

So, I decided to take myself on a date today to see it! Here's the thing, sometimes I like to do this sort of thing. Sometimes I like to take myself somewhere where no one knows where I'm going. I go "off the grid" for a while, so to speak. Now, I know I do most things by myself (eat dinner, go grocery shopping, do the dishes, live), but sometimes I like to do special things all by myself. And today was one of those days. I like to think what I actually did was go on a date with Humphrey Bogart. :)

It was amazing to see this movie on the big screen. I just adore life in this era ... those hats, those dresses, that manner of speaking. Sigh. And I found myself wondering, right after Humphrey Bogart said, "I'm Sam Spade" -- did Humphrey Bogart ever sit back and think about how cool he was? I mean that guy was more cool on a random Tuesday than I will ever be in my whole life.

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