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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Okay, I don't say this often -- really I don't say this at all -- but I'm willing to say it now, so here you go:

The past two weekend have just been really nice.

I mean, honestly, when people at school ask me on Monday how my weekend was, I'm usually just like, "It was fine, thanks." But last Monday, and I know tomorrow, I am all like, "You know what? It was really, really good."

Last weekend started with seeing my BFF Story in a play. (Okay, technically it was Thursday night, but that was just getting the weekend started early.) Friday brought a nice casual wine night in with  my dear friend Sarah (more about her later!). On Saturday I spent the gorgeous, unseasonably warm 70 degree day running around Huntington for my aforementioned friend Sarah and her fiancee Drew, who were doing a video shoot for their upcoming wedding. I also went to mass and had dinner with my parents that night. Last Sunday I got to go to Target to get a shower gift for Sarah and then took myself on a date to see The Maltese Falcon in the theatre. Man, what a great weekend!

Not a pic of Story and me at "Mauritius" but at her last show, "Ah Wilderness!"

This weekend was just as good, which is so amazing. On Friday night, I saw Story's play again (and now consider some of her castmates my new friends in that I am a theatre hanger on, or "appreciator of the arts" as Sarah would say :), and I think they are amazing and awesome. This time Sarah went with me to the show! Yesterday I helped man The Divine Intervention's Winter Warmth Drive (I'm on the board), and we collected so many things from our generous donors to help keep some of our neighbors warm this winter. Yesterday evening/night, I went to two parties for Sarah: a wedding shower and then a bachelorette party. Both were so much fun! I met some of her friends I haven't met before and just had an awesome time having fun. (Incidentally, now that I read this, I have done an awful lot of things with Sarah lately, which is so awesome. Love you Sarah!) Today I went to mass and the grocery store, did some chores and some homework (lame), but now I am live texting the Oscars with my best friend Colleen, who loves awards shows more than any other person on earth. (And who is hilarious.)

Me at the Winter Warmth Drive. I usually am the one taking all the photos, so this time Dave and Kim made me get in some, too. :)
I mean, amazing, right? Sometimes I'm not very good at sitting back and reflecting on how lucky I am to know the people I know. But I have been making a more conscious effort lately to say yes to things and love people. And it's not always easy, but I have been especially fortunate these last couple of weekends.

Bachelorette party fun with Sarah, Candace, Cindy, Becca, Lexi, Melinda, Lauren, and Carlie. Such great girls! (And, incidentally, doesn't everything look better in black and white?!)

 It just reminds me that we, as people, are made for relationships and human connection (as Amy has said a lot), and we need to value that and nurture it when we can. And if you have a choice, always choose people! So my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has made these last couple of weekends awesome!

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