Thursday, September 11, 2014

Great news!

For about a year now, my goal has been to be part of the BlogHer network. Some of my favorite blogs (Camp Patton, Tiny Green Elephants, Conversion Diary) are members of this network. In a nutshell, BlogHer is a worldwide community of women bloggers. And I wanted in.

I spent several months getting my blog in order, getting more serious about posting frequently, and I even had a complete blog redesign done by my friend Miranda of Lil' Birdie Design Shop. I applied a few months ago and unfortunately found out that there was no room for my blog in the BlogHer network at that time. I was disappointed, but I thought maybe in another year or so I could try again.

Today I received an email from BlogHer saying they have room for my blog! This month!

I am so excited to have been accepted!


In other news, Anna Marie still needs a family. I have blogged about her before. I have been praying since April that she finds a family. She is 15 years old, and, as the website says "Anna Marie is really struggling right now, longing for a family. Many of her friends have been adopted in the last year (through RR), but no family has come for *her*. She wants a family so badly — aches for a family, cries herself to sleep because her longing for a mama and a papa is so strong and so painful."

 CAN YOU IMAGINE?! She only has till December to find a family. The good news? $9,295.97 is available toward the cost of her adoption PLUS another $5,000 in a matching grant. Will you join me in praying her family finds her? Look at her! She is so beautiful. Or maybe you have an extra $5 laying about that you'd like to put in her adoption fund. For many families, cost is the barrier between them and their child. Let's help change that for Anna Marie's family!

Her "problem" is that she has a crossed eye and HIV. But in this country, HIV is so manageable with the proper medicine. I know many of you have been praying for her, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just feel very connected to her and I take very seriously the job of helping her family find her. I know she only has a few months left to go, but I pray that God will work a miracle for my girl.

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