Getting Out of God's Way

Thursday, September 25, 2014

One thing I've noticed lately is the more you see the hand of God, the more you see the hand of God, you know?

Let me explain.

I have seen the hand of God in this teaching thing for quiet a while. Over and over, actually. And I saw it again today. As I said before, social studies is my content area really. My undergrad is in political science, which means I can get certified to teach social studies 5-Adult in the state of West Virginia through the Master's in Teaching program I'm in. I started class this semester, and I have one in-person class. In that class there are maybe about 30 people or so, and it's dual grad/undergrad. Let me tell you something, there are a LOT of social studies people in there. My teacher (who is my age and teaches middle school science) has even commented on it. Today she was handing out our subject-specific lesson plan requirements and she was kind of saying everyone's content areas as she handed them out. Because I actually teach language arts right now, and my teacher knows my specific and odd situation, she lets me do language arts-related things for all my assignments in her class. The girl beside me, who's area is social studies, said something like "I am really worried about getting a job now with all these social studies people in here." My teacher kind of widened her eyes and said, "Me too."

Now, I know that if God wants you to do something, He'll make a way for that to happen for you. But I also feel like God blessed me with this language arts job as an extra opportunity for me to be employable. West Virginia recently passed a law that if you score a certain score on your content-area exam you can then take any kind of subject area exam without the classes to back it up. And with actual language arts teaching experience, and the journalism master's, that really boosts my employability.

In fact, earlier this summer for fun, I was looking at the county board of education website for Greenville County, South Carolina, where my aunt and uncle live and teach middle school. There were several jobs posted for someone who is dual certified in language arts and social studies. I honestly never thought that'd be me. But I think God is taking care of me and helping me know that this is the path He's really wanting me on. And I'm trying my best to help Him make that happen -- or at least not get in His way.

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