I May Have Been Vacuuming Wrong for Years

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ever heard a version of one of these stories? (I collected these from Snopes, an awesome website.)

Basically, point being, we sometimes do what our mothers did for absolutely no other reason than that's the way our mothers did them.

I realized tonight that I have one such a story.

I was vacuuming this evening and realized that somehow my vacuum height had changed from "lo" to "medium." I pushed it a few times to make sure it got back to low immediately. Why? Because that's what my mom always did. I truly have no clue what setting -- extra lo, lo, medium, high -- is best for my carpet. No clue at all. I'm not even sure the pros and cons of each of those settings. What are they even for? But what I do know is my mom always made us vacuum on low.

I mean it's kind of amazing just how ingrained that VACUUM SETTING is in me. I honestly cannot seem to vacuum my own home on any setting other than lo. If it accidentally gets to medium I'm like "Oh NO," half expecting my mom to jump out of the closet like "IS THAT SET ON LO?!"

It's set on lo!!! Neurotic's honor.

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