People Always Say "My Sister is Better Than Your Sister." But Mine Really Is.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Today is my sister Erin's 28th birthday.

As I said the other day, the majority of my memories from childhood involve Erin. She was my first friend and was my only friend for some time. It's hard to pick some favorite memories of Erin because there are just so many.

Sometime in 1986 I'm supposin'.
We shared a room pretty much forever, and not only was it where we slept and kept our clothes, but it was the place where all of our childhood imagination developed. Sometimes that bedroom was our store; the old, white hamper with the flip up lid was our check out counter. An old electronic learning game my grandparents gave me was our cash register. Our groceries and sundries were our hair ties, our books and whatever we had laying on our dresser.

Other days our room was our Barbie fashion studio. Never could Erin and I just get out our Barbies and play, no -- we always had a specific endgame in mind, with each doll to play a specific member of the cast and costuming was the most important part. Jazzie, Cecily, Stacey -- each Barbie had a name and a personality.

One of Erin's favorite photos of herself. She's always super
complimentary of her wrist fat roll. Haha.
We'd pretend to be the characters of our favorite books (like Molly's Pilgrim -- that's for you Erin), our closet could be a magic warp machine that could transport us anywhere we wanted to go in seconds. We were champion Trivial Pursuit for Juniors players ... we couldn't play against each other because each game would end in a stalemate. Because we memorized all the cards.

There are a lot of things to love about Erin, but one of my most favorite things is that Erin accepts people right where they are. She doesn't ever wish you were different than you are, she understands why you are why you are. But she's also the biggest champion of allowing people to change. She's very empathetic. She understands people really well, and she's always ready to explain people's motivations to you if you're having a problem. She likes peace; she likes when everyone gets along. She likes to celebrate things -- birthdays, graduations, even Snicks' birthday -- Erin always sends a card, a gift or plans a dinner or event. Erin makes you feel like a special and important person. She is also funny. FUN-NY. She's the kind of person who types the way she talks if you know what I mean. Vacation photos that would otherwise be insufferable to look through become an actual event when she gives them captions. I am on her all the time to start a blog because we'd be cracking up constantly.

I have had a lot of close friends in my life, but even if I get married one day, I don't think there will be anyone who ever knows me as well as she does. We grew up the same. Happy Birthday EDawg. I love you the mostest.

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  1. This was just what I needed tonight. I love you, too. <3

    PS -- Also jfc I was busting out of that green velvet jumper NEVER OVER IT WHAT WERE THEY THINKING


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