Saturday, June 14, 2014

I have been driving up and down and up and down I-79 to visit Mamaw and Pap for almost 26 years, ever since my family moved to Huntington from Morgantown when I was 4.

One thing has not changed in those 26 years, and that is I always cry when we drive away from Morgantown because I just don't want to leave. Last night was no exception. Last week went by so quickly, and I wish I could have stayed another month. I wish they didn't live three hours away.

I got up this morning and made some coffee and toast with jam. For some reason, my Keurig coffee doesn't taste as good as Mamaw and Pap's instant and my toast and blackberry jam doesn't taste as good as their toast with blackberry jam. Scientists should do a study on why identical foods always taste better at your grandparents' house.

I think often about moving to Morgantown, but then I realize I'd miss my mom and dad, brothers and my friends Melissa, Story and Sarah if I moved there, so it will always be a life of missing someone I love. I wish I could move all my favorite people to an island and we could all live there together. I think that is the only answer.

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