You Know What Makes No Sense? I'll Tell You.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Something I've been thinking about a lot lately and have talked with my sister Erin about is people and change.

I feel like, as a society, we're always wanting other people to change. Maybe not change exactly, but improve. For instance -- quit being so sensitive, quit being so negative, quit getting angry so quickly.

All great and wonderful things to wish for others, right? Right.

... except when we don't allow them to change.

Erin might have spent the past five years really changing for the better -- a more mild temperament, more optimism, more laid-back.

But when Erin gets angry about something ONE TIME (most likely with great reason) it's "Ugh, Erin, why are you so angry all the time? I remember when you used to have tantrums ALL THE TIME." Um, you mean literally 20 years ago when she was 7?

You know what I mean? Think about it ... Us Weekly will be writing a story on Reese Witherspoon's new movie, but for the rest of time as we know it the story will always end "remember that time Reese Witherspoon got pulled over with her husband for drunk driving?"

So we think drunk driving is wrong, we think that should never happen again, neither Reese nor her husband have had a second incident, but we are never EVER going to let her forget it.

Amanda Bynes. Man, we all hope she gets better right? But I can practically guarantee when Amanda (God willing) stars in a movie or new TV show in 2024, we'll be like "Amanda Bynes ... who suffered a mental breakdown 10 years ago ... has a new movie coming out!"

Guys. Really? Do you see what I'm saying?

Trying to change yourself for the better, whatever it is you're working on, is HARD. Whether you're trying to become more laid-back or more hopeful or less easily annoyed -- it's hard. What makes it so much stinkin' harder is when people want you to change and then won't let you.

I can understand that if you've known someone for years and they've always been one way, it's hard to see them a different way. But if someone you love is making a conscious effort to improve him or herself, please PLEASE let them. If your formerly super-sensitive or easily-annoyed cousin is trying to change, and you always wished they would, then maybe stop reminding them how super-sensitive and easily-annoyed you always thought they were.

Because doing anything else is not helpful and actually just makes no sense at all.

Just think about it. Because nobody likes to be reminded of their downfalls or shortcomings. We need to stop being a society that wants people to improve and simultaneously refuses to let them.

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