Snow Day

Monday, March 3, 2014

I don't know about where you are, but man it sure snowed where I am last night! We knew the storm was coming, but it's still amazing to see.

Here's what is so sad about snow as an adult -- as a kid, you are praying, wishing and hoping for it to snow every single day so you can get out of school. :) Along with that, snow is just pretty cool to see, right? But, sadly, when you're an adult with a job -- or an adult with a job where your boss has no sort of inclement weather policy -- snow is really just scary and annoying. Should you risk it to drive to work or not? Is it okay to take a personal day? What if your coworkers make it in but you feel like you can't? That's pretty much what I faced today. We've had several really snowy days this winter, but I've always been at work, on time, after driving really slowly and making it in. But today's storm was definitely the worst one we've had all year. The governor shut down all state agencies, the local university closed for the day, the local hospital shut down all of its family medical centers and everyone was being told to stay off the roads. My car was covered in a sheet of ice, the same sheet of ice that coated the ground under all the snow. When I woke up a little before 7 a.m. there were already several inches on the ground... and it was still snowing. I talked to my mom a little bit and finally made the decision to take a personal day. I wish I could say I completely enjoyed my day, but unfortunately, I just spent most of it worrying that I'll be viewed as a wimp or a person that over-exaggerates or is lazy or something along those lines. I wish that wasn't the case, I wish I wasn't such a worrywart, but I am. It would have been nice to be able to enjoy the day guilt-free but since my coworkers braved it in, I feel like I should have too. I feel like it's a lose-lose situation: if you don't go in, then you are a lazy whiner, but if you do go in it's likely you will get in an accident, or have a super-long and dangerous commute where high anxiety is your passenger.

I guess not only am I an over-worrier, but I also have a really, really hard time with rest. I guess I feel like it's okay to work at my full-time job 40 hours a week, and also work at my other full-time job another 20-30 hours a week plus go to graduate school and be involved in various organizations but it is NOT okay to sit for a few hours and read or watch TV. I'm not saying all this for pity but I guess I just wonder if other people feel this way too? Like logically I know that my magazine will not shut down and fail because I am not there for one day. I am not a lazy whiner or a bad employee or a lumpy person. But it's so hard for me not to feel that way. After a day like today I just feel like, well, frankly, a loser. :(

I have tried to tell myself today to enjoy the beautiful snow that we're blessed with getting to see and be thankful for it. I took some photos earlier this morning and again this evening, and it really is pretty out.

Snicks, wanna go outside and play in the snow?!

Around 8 a.m. 

My feet just sinking in. 

Around 6 p.m. - sun setting.

Sun is really pretty on the snow.

Soaking up all the heat. 

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