Summer 2020

Thursday, September 3, 2020

I can't believe that we're already at the end of summer. Summer is my most favorite season of the year, and it's hard for me when it goes away. Admittedly, I am ready for the 90+ temperatures to fizzle out to more manageable 70s, but I am not ready to face the winter that is quickly approaching. I also love fall, with the cooler weather, beautiful leaves, great smells, and ... football. As with everything this year, the football season will look completely different, and for Joe and me, we don't know what this means for our lives. Football has been a huge part of our whole relationship (we've been together five college football seasons now), and we are known for sometimes hooking up a second TV in our living room if Michigan and West Virginia are playing games at the same time. With the Big 10 not playing games this fall (insane) and the participating conferences limiting their seasons to conference games-only, things are looking remarkably different, and we have no plan to handle this right now. Yes, we'll still get to see some games, but we all now it won't be the same. Perhaps most depressingly, my mom, aunt, uncle, Joe, and I had tickets to the now-cancelled WVU vs. Florida State game here in Atlanta that was supposed to take place this weekend. I am heartbroken. 

Although our summer, like everyone's, was very different this year, we did have the opportunity to do and celebrate a few fun things between June and now. 

First, Joe and I celebrated our second anniversary June 9. We took Bert and went to an early dinner at local family Italian place near us to celebrate. Instead of gifts, we decided to buy a family pass to Stone Mountain to enjoy it as a family this year. 

Then we had a special Father's Day Weekend for Joe. This was his first FDW with an outside-the-womb baby, and we made the most of it by making Joe a special breakfast, taking him hiking at Stone Mountain, taking him out for pizza, enjoying a special brunch, and making him a special dinner. He is our favorite dad!

Bert got to go to the pool for the first time and seemed to like it okay!

In July we visited Joe's parents at their home on Mullett Lake in Michigan. We were so lucky we had great weather that week and got to enjoy several days out on the boat! Bert was great on the boat, and we all had a really fun time!

Our biggest event of the summer, Bert turned one on August 4! ONE!!! On the day of his actual birthday, Joe and I took him to Build-a-Bear to build a special birthday bear, then we got Chick-Fil-A and had a special lunch in the park, and then we took him to get his first ice cream. I think Bert had a great day! Then the Saturday following his birthday, we had a little cookout at our house for close by family and friends, and we are very blessed that Bert has so many people who could come and celebrate him! He also got his first bites of cake!

I hope that you, too, found some ways to have fun this summer. I am looking forward to a hopefully happy fall! 

Speaking of fall, this fall I will be launching two new regular weekly posts: one on what I'm currently reading and another on fascinating finds from around the internet. Stay tuned, and I hope you will enjoy! 

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