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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Wow! What a busy couple of weeks it's been for us. It seems like we have not a lot going on, and then suddenly -- bam! We have a bunch of things happening all at one time! Does this happen to you, too?

Joe ended up having to go to Tuscaloosa for work a couple days during the week of February 3, so Bert and I tagged along. Unfortunately it was pretty rainy and stormy, and the downtown where we stayed was being ripped apart for all kinds of construction, but we made it work. Bert and I had fun walking around while Joe was working, and then we tried some great places for dinner the three nights we were there. We weren't able to walk around campus like I had hoped, due to weather, but we did get to take a quick drive around! And Bert turned six months old (what?!) while we were there.

Bert enjoying the space exhibit at the Children's Hands-On Museum in Tuscaloosa.

Enjoying the traditional 6 month treat. :) 

Just a random cute picture (if I do say so myself!) that I took of Bert at the hotel.

When we returned to Georgia we had a quick turnaround of laundry and cleaning before we were set to head to West Virginia on Sunday the 9. Joe had work in Lexington a couple days that week, so we headed up to Huntington to visit since it's so close by. We decided not to leave for West Virginia until after the first birthday party of a little friend of Bert's on Saturday the 8th, so imagine our shock when we woke up to this:

Bert's first time seeing snow. He wasn't sure what to think.

"Let me in! Can't you idiots see I'm freezing out here?!"

Wow! My first winter in Georgia (last year) I saw ZERO snowflakes. Not even one flake. We were so shocked to get this much! Needless to say it melted pretty quickly, and it's 64 degrees today, but it was really cool to see that much snow for a hot cold second!

We had a nice time in West Virginia. We went to a mass that was said by the new bishop of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, and he blessed Bert, which was so nice. My mom and dad also joined us for our weekly hike, which we took around Ritter Park on Sunday. I was also able to take Bert around my old school, Fatima, to visit with the teachers and my former students. It was really hard and sad for me to be there in some ways, but I was so glad to see everyone and so glad Bert got to meet them all!

Bert taking a grandparent snooze.

After our hike in Ritter Park.


We got back yesterday and are busy trying to unpack, do laundry, grocery shop, clean -- all the things you do after being gone for an extended period of time. We are SO EXCITED because Sarah and Drew are coming to visit this weekend. We cannot wait!!!


I know I'm a little late posting about this, but RIP Mary Higgins Clark. I have loved her and her books for many years. I've read them all. In fact, I have almost all of them in both hardback and paperback. You see, my grandmother loves her, and my mom does too. When MHC would come out with a new book, Mamaw would buy it and read it, pass it to mom who read it, and then mom would pass it to me, and I got to both read it AND keep it. Also, Mamaw has been scouring used book sales for years to make sure I have a complete collection.

Not much else going on right now. Just trying to settle back in and counting the minutes till Daylight Savings Time on March 8!!! Hope you're having a good February, too.

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