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Thursday, February 20, 2020

We went to see the doctor today for Bert's 6 month checkup! The most exciting thing about this time in his life is it's time to start solid foods! I love Bert's pediatrician's approach: try one food at a time, wait 3-5 days before trying a new one, make sure to expose him to peanut butter and eggs, and have fun! Low stress, something to enjoy!

Since I know myself, I knew I'd need something to keep track of Bert's foods on. Most people probably have an app for that, but I'm a paper kind of gal. Always have been. So, I did a quick Google search, but I couldn't find anything that I liked ... for free. Haha. So I decided to quickly make my own little chart and post it here, in the event someone else might like or want something like this.

I made three kinds:

Baby Foods Tracker -- Black and White
Baby Foods Tracker -- Color
Baby Foods Tracker -- Art in Color Only

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