Something that Remembers the Words.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Joe had his moment, so it's back to books. :)

Well, really, Joe was present when this photo was taken, so I guess he kind of relates.

Over spring break, back in March, Joe and I took a trip with his parents to Copper Mountain, Colorado. It was lovely and a lot of fun, but I say all this to say -- on our last day, before we had to go to the airport, we walked around and had lunch in a lovely little town called Frisco. There was a local bookshop we wandered around in for a while (and I did what I always do in bookstores, which is look around at books I might want to rent from the library. I'm sorry local booksellers!), and when we were done, I realized this was on the outside of the front of the store:

Isn't this wonderful? This is exactly how I feel about stories.

Something that remembers the words all the way through without a single mistake.

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