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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My mom brought me a little bag of fun treats to school the other day. (And if that doesn't sound like it's 1995 again, then I don't know what will.)

Look at my new shirts!

It was like they were hand-made for me! Two of my most favorite things ever! My new favorite outfit will be my Once Upon a Time shirt worn with my Once Upon a Time necklace from Story. Because you can't have too much of a good thing. (As a side note, someone noticed my necklace tonight and asked me what it said. I told her, and there was a smidge of silence, so I filled it with "Oh I teach English" rather than "Oh I'm Snow White" because the former required less explanation. :) But then she said, "I love anything that begins 'Once Upon a Time'," so maybe I should have gone with the longer explanation. I did tell her those were my four favorite words!)

There was also this necklace:

My mom got it for me because it is fair trade. It's handmade through an organization called Full Circle Exchange. The necklace is so pretty, but look at what the box it came in says:

Isn't that just the loveliest thing? Incidentally, it also came with a bar of chocolate, which is very good. Really my only complaint with it is I was trying to eat it as I sat here to write this blog post, and the dang wrapper WOULD. NOT. OPEN. so I had to get up and walk about 30 yards into the kitchen to open it with a scissor (as Bert would say, 4:32). Ain't no one got time for that as my students would hilariously comment whilst we were learning about double negatives last week.

At any rate, I hope your week has been acceptable.

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