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Sunday, February 22, 2015

I absolutely love clothes and shopping, but for the past, well, almost year now, I've really not shopped a lot. As I'm sure you're aware, teachers don't make much, and Catholic school teachers make even less, so I've been trying to be frugal. Honestly, that's a good thing because I can certainly be materialistic and I need to work on that trait. I also don't need so much stuff.

But ... (you knew this was coming) ... I also love fairy tales and lovely things. I've been dreaming about LC Lauren Conrad's Cinderella line for Kohl's, a line for the new movie Cinderella, which I'm dying to see. I happened to get a coupon in the mail the other day for $10 off $30 or more to Kohl's. Having basically not left my house due to snow in about a week, I figured maybe I'd treat myself to a little present with that coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket. So today after church, mom and I went up to Kohl's.

And I'm not disappointed. I wanted ALL THE CINDERELLA THINGS, but I limited myself to just two things only. One, a skirt that I just had to have:

I'm not going to lie, I twirled. I twirled in the dressing room. It is so beautiful. I took this picture where I did because I have had that wall art hanging over my closet for many years now. I've always loved Cinderella because she was just a regular girl who became a princess.

The other thing I got was this sweatshirt:


They don't have it in stores, only online, so I ordered it when I got home. Just look -- look at that castle. It's magical.

Truth is, I spent more money than I have on anything in a while. Because usually I shop straight clearance rack. Not sale rack. Clearance rack. If something's been marked down about 12 times, then it's probably in my price range. But I was lucky enough to have coupons and a Kohl's cash donation from my mom, and also Kohl's lets you stack up to five coupons online. Who knew?

I blame two things: first, my week with Jane. I know, I know, she wrote in a way different time period and what does she have to do with my Cinderella-inspired skirt? The truth is, the manners, the clothes, the civility, and the dances, oh the dances, have just captured my heart this week. I also found myself Googling "quick 1940s-inspired hairstyles" this week and trying to copy one, as well as I purchased and applied some sparkly red nail polish today after accidentally running into this show.

I think I just need a return to more lovely things. A lovelier time. And if there's one lesson I learned from Jane this week it's to always make sure you're dressed nicely and your hair is done because you never know who may show up at your door.

(Mr. Darcy. Fingers crossed. :) )

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