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Monday, December 1, 2014

I don't have kids of my own, so for years I've spent all my proud moments on my ballet students. And they have provided me more than a gazillion opportunities to be proud of them. This week will be no exception as "The Nutcracker" is this weekend, but there's one particular student about which I muuuuuuusssssttt brag tonight.

Me and Dom together a few years back.
Dominique wasn't at the dance studio when I was growing up, so when I returned as an adult after moving back to Huntington in 2009, I met her for the first time. My first class back en pointe after many years, Dom stood at the barre with me. She was 14 or 15 when I met her but was mature beyond her years. Dom, without really knowing me, cheered me on that first class. She just kept telling me I could do it ... and I was 25 years old!

From that class we formed a close friendship, and I often felt like she was my little sister. She went on to become an asset at the dance studio, teaching classes and always being the first person to volunteer to help clean or do whatever chore was needed. More than that, she was a personal cheerleader to me. Whether I was dancing or teaching or directing the studio, Dom made me feel like I was doing a good job and she was not afraid to let me know it. She graduated two springs ago and went away to the University of Cincinnati to study dance. I miss her every day. And here's where the good part comes in ...

Dom in one of her turns as Sugar Plum Fairy at our studio.
Dom is performing "The Nutcracker" with the Dayton Ballet.


How did I find out about this? you may ask. Did I read it on her Facebook status? Get 10 excited texts in a row? See it on her blog?

Nope. Her dad nonchalantly mentioned it to me this weekend.

I should probably state the obvious here that she is humble humble humble.

I had to pry more info out of her, but when I did I found out the Dayton Ballet went to CCM to audition the dance department kids and they took only Dom and two others.

Another one.


She is performing Flowers and Snow with them. FLOWERS AND SNOW.


Be still my heart.

(I should also take a moment to mention that I had and have nothing whatsoever to do with Dom's talent. I made sure she had a place to dance and that the light bill was paid and the barres were cleaned, but other than that she did this on her own with teachers far better than I!)

The thing is -- I'm so proud of Dom. SOOOOOO proud. Her talent is amazing, and I can't wait to see her dance on the professional stage! But more than that, I'm proud because she is a kind person with a heart of gold, going out of her way to make other people feel good and help wherever needed.

Proud mama here.


Because you can't have too many photos.

Her performing "Russian" as a guest artist in our Nutcracker last year.

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