Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The other night my friend Cindy invited me and my other friend Sarah to a dinner celebrating our local City Mission. Cindy recently joined the board of this organization, and she invited us to sit at her table for the event. The City Mission is about two blocks away from where I live, so I sort of see them as my neighbors. They do great work, feeding, housing, and clothing many of our area's homeless who are trying to get back on their feet. It was a great event, and I was so glad to be invited.

In the middle of the event it really just hit me -- and this sounds so stupid and obvious I know, but sometimes I just need a reminder -- that our job on earth is to care for each other. That's really it. To care for and love our neighbor -- whether it's someone we like, whether or not they deserve it, whether or not they "did it to themselves." No matter what. Our job on this earth is to care for orphans and widows, drug addicts and prostitutes, the homeless and the mentally ill. Along with our own families and friends. Regardless of our faith, regardless of their faith. Regardless if they look scary or dirty. Regardless if we have money or not.

Love each other. It's honestly that simple.

And this is a really great time of year to remember this. If you can buy $100 worth of food to donate, then do it. If you can buy a single can of green beans and that's even a stretch for you, do it. Either way, that's so awesome. And I need to too.

As I was thinking about this today I saw this really great thing online. Click through and read if you have a chance. I won't lie -- I cried while I read it. I think I was just overwhelmed by all the goodness in the world. We often hear so many bad things. It is so nice to be reminded that there is so much goodness out there. And we can see it every day if we just look. And if we can't see it or don't see it, then we need to be the goodness. And maybe someone else will see us.

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