I'm Not Much on Rear Window Ethics

Monday, May 12, 2014

Two Fridays ago Story, her parents and I went to see Rear Window at Cinema Under the Stars, which is this great event that happens the first Friday of the month May through September where our town shows a movie outside. Now, I could write this whole post about my love of Rear Window, Grace Kelly and every Hitchcock film ever made, but that's not what this is about.

There is a scene in the movie where Jimmy Stewart is asleep in his wheelchair facing his (rear) window, and it is raining outside. One of those perfect mid-summer rains. When it's so hot even the rain is warm, but it's the only thing cooling off the air even just a little bit. I told Story that anytime it rains in the summer, that's what I think about. And clearly this was before air conditioning was a thing, so it was hot, hot, hot in Jimmy Stewart's apartment:

Kind of like my apartment:

Now I love summer, and I have even said that the first person I hear complaining about the heat after the horrible winter we had is GOING TO GET IT. But guys, I feel like I have the right to say my apartment is HOT. In fact, as you just saw, it is 81 degrees hot. Oh, and I took that picture around 9:30 p.m. today.

My landlord comes every May-ish and puts in two window units in my apartment, one in the living room and one in my bedroom. They are enough to ensure the apartment is mostly cool and livable in the hot summer months. But he has not been over to do it yet this year, so we wait. My biggest concern is Snickers N. Lafferre (N for Napoleon). I'm afraid I'm going to come home to a pile of ash where he has combusted. Heat is bad for rabbits and I keep feeling his ears and they are pretty hot. He doesn't seem lethargic though, so that's good. We have two rooms with ceiling fans, which are always on, and we also have one box fan that I carry around to whatever room we're in. I have also added a third water station for him, so now there's pretty much no room in the house he can enter without a source of water. I also keep putting those cold pack things you use to keep lunches cold in his water to hopefully keep it colder longer ... possibly preventing it from boiling.

That water looks happy. Also, I am about 100% sure that face belongs to my mom.

Getting some air on himself, although now I read that drafts are bad for rabbits. I CANNOT WIN. 
 In a great display of coincidence, my biography of Jimmy Stewart is in the background of this photo. (At least you know I'm not lying about being a fan! OMG FAN! Get it? Ugh I love puns.) 

And this has now gone full, albeit super hot, circle.

You asked for something dramatically different. You got it.

Now excuse me while I go towel off. From breaking a sweat taking a drink of water.

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