Seven Quick Takes Friday: Asparagus, Kindness and, of course, Bunnies

Friday, February 28, 2014

Linking up with Jen for 7 Quick Takes Friday! Or I guess I should say, continuing to link up with Jen since I've been doing 7 Posts in 7 Days. I am linking up via my link up with Jen. Okay.

1. If you know me/read this blog/ever met me, you know that I am known for eating Sheetz' food every Thursday night. This post explains it in greater detail, but suffice it to say, Sheetz and I are Thursday night bros. HOWEVER, if you've been reading then you know I am truly trying to commit to turning over somewhat of a new leaf concerning food. So instead of going to Sheetz after dance tonight, I came home. Now... last night I went out to eat with my friend Mel and I got a buffalo chicken flatbread. (Recall I said TRYING to commit :) ) I had three little pieces of it left, and I was battling whether to finish it off for dinner tonight or eat a salad or something else. I finally decided that it would be okay to eat it, as long as I ate a vegetable to go with. So I roasted some asparagus! And promptly burned it. Really? Not to be defeated by a vegetable, I roasted another few pieces (stalks?). This time they turned out just fine!

A somewhat lifelike rendering of the asparagus I made for dinner. Obvs. 
2. A lesson that I am trying to learn/teach myself is that when people offer to do something for you or help you out, they are wanting to help not criticizing the work you do. For instance, one of my sweet teachers at dance tonight told me she was going to get light bulbs for the bathroom. At first I was like - oh man, she totally thinks I'm a loser and doing a terrible job (even though I just noticed TODAY a couple were burned out). Then I was like -- ANNA. She is offering to help to be nice and do something helpful, not because she thinks you're a loser and can't keep it together. I am continually learning this lesson. And it did remind me of this great post I read once that Jen wrote about how when you allow others to help you, it blesses them. And it's so true! I know that anytime I do something that I think helps someone I care about, I feel SO GOOD about myself. So we should remember that we bless others when we allow them to help us.

3. I started wondering the other day how mommy rabbits show love to their bunnies. (Beyond the obvious like they feed them.) I thought maybe Snicks would enjoy what would be considered a display of love by his species. I thought maybe mommy rabbits nuzzled their babies or something. Then I realized -- ANNA. (Apparently I've had a lot of talks with myself lately.) YOU ARE SNICKS' MOMMY. Dude, I adopted him when he was 5 months old and he lived with another girl another few months before that. He has no recollection nor knowledge of what a mommy rabbit would do. He is aware what I, the actual provider of his love and care, do. In related news, I should read up on help for neurotic people.

4. I may be making a life change soon that would greatly reduce my disposable income. As I really enjoy giving gifts to people, I realized that that is not something that will be able to happen for a couple of years. I started thinking about gifts I could maybe make for people. My sister Erin is SO talented with this sort of thing -- she's always crocheting someone a hat or blanket or something. My brother Thomas is a really talented painter, and his gifts are always good too. I don't have a ton of talents, but I do like to make cards! I made my sister Emma a box of cards once and they were cute! I also made this mint-infused water the other day ("made" might be a strong word) but wouldn't a couple of cute bottles of flavored water be fun? If you know me and I regularly give you gifts, please note you may be receiving water on your next birthday.

Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas Mel, Colleen, Ash, Mom, Dad, Erin, Emma...

5. As of today, four of my lovely dancers have been accepted into some wonderful summer programs for dance! I am so proud. One is going to the American Ballet Theatre, one is going to the Atlanta Ballet and two are going to the Joffrey Ballet! The costs of these programs are HIIIIIIIGH -- room and board, tuition and travel are all pricey, not to mention pointe shoes, tights, leotards and other gear. I would hate to think of any kid not being able to live their dream only because of money -- ugh! We are doing a couple fundraisers for them, and one of them is just a website where people can donate. We're up to $1,325 after only a couple days! One or two of these donations have been large, but mostly this is money given in $10, $15 or $25 increments by many people giving what they can. I LOVE THAT!

6. The idea of marriage aside, I was thinking tonight that one reason it'd be really fun to have a wedding is because ALL of the people you love would be in one room at the same time! People from all the different "compartments" of your life would all be there together! So Mel and Story from ballet would be with my friend Sarah and Colleen from DC and Ashley who I grew up with and my mom and dad and cousins. I truly can't think of another occasion where all those people from all your compartments of life would be together at the same time.

7. I am doing the coolest thing Saturday! There is this local bed and breakfast called Chateau D'Italia that does special Italian meals 2-3 Saturdays a month. You have to make reservations, it's a prix fixe menu and it's like a gazillion courses! My mom and Sarah and I have been trying to go for a few months, but it never seemed to work out. However, a couple days ago I saw that one of the courses for this Saturday is GNOCCI. My favorite food ever! It also happens to be my dad's fav food, so he, mom, Sarah and I are all going for dinner Saturday! Best part? Story's mom Jenny is friends with the owner/chef and often helps cook. Sometimes Story does too, but this week she's going to eat with us! So mom, dad, Sarah, Story and I will all be having dinner together! That is so awesome and little bit like #6!

How delish does this look?!

Have a great weekend!

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