Is that Mint in Your Water?!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Those who know me - even a little bit - know I am famous for not cooking. As my sister Erin once said, "We all have things we're good at, yours just involve more nachos." Touche, Erin. I am famous for frozen pizza, frozen waffles, bagels and peanut butter and cereal and milk. Pretty much four of the five food groups, with number five being fast food.

I have recently, however, wondered if there's really something to this whole eating healthy and cooking at home thing. (Don't laugh.) The truth is, I always think I want a Big Mac, but then I eat one and honestly, I don't feel that great. (Surprise.) I also think there really is a major connection between the food we eat and our mental health. Physical health, obviously, but I really think mental health too.

A doctor told me recently that there are three things within our control: what we eat, how much we exercise and what kind of sleep we get. You can let one of those things slip, he said, but once two are gone, that's when your health really deteriorates, especially your mental health which is so affected by all three of those things.

I am pretty guilty of going a few weeks without exercising and only eating toaster strudel. I also get a lot of headaches and stay up really late. I'm not convinced that that's the best thing for me. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I don't have anyone I'm responsible for besides myself. Well, I'm responsible for Baby S, but he and I aren't really eating the same diet. Over the past couple of days I've really given some thought to changing some things as far as my diet and exercise regimen.

It's hard when you're not accountable to anyone but yourself, but there are some definite things I want for myself, and I am using that as motivation. My goal is to move every day... whether that's yoga like tonight or even walking the halls of my very big office building for 30 minutes at lunch every day. I also am going to eat more healthy foods. The thing is -- I eat what's in the fridge or the pantry. If there's nothing there, then I get fast food. But if there are healthy foods there - ready to eat quickly - then I'm more apt to pick something good for myself. Also it's a great cycle - exercise makes me feel good, which makes me want to eat better, which makes me sleep better as well.

To that end, I began today. I went to an hour-long yoga class after work and then headed over to the grocery store to pick out some healthy - and fresh - items. I'd love to have a little garden (I don't even recognize myself) to grow some things, but my apartment life does not allow it. So for now, it's buy what I can. Unfortunately the local foods store is closed Mondays, so I wasn't able to go there today, but I got several great things as the grocery store.

Whaaaaa? Are those brussels sprouts? RAW ONES?! Yes. They are. I roasted them and ate them for dinner tonight. :) I bagged up little snack baggies of grapes too to make lunches easier.

I have really been craving canteluope lately, so I got some even though I know it's not the season. Also I haven't tried doing the buy it whole, cut it up myself scene, but baby steps.

Perhaps the creation I'm most proud of - mint infused water! I don't really drink pop much anyways, but sometimes you just want something tasty to drink, am I right? So I thought I'd infuse some mint in this water and it might be delish! I'll let you know tomorrow! I also got some limes to do the same thing later.

My goal is to be sure to have food packed up for lunches and something I can make for dinner at home, whether it's a late night or an early one.

I have a lot (A LOT) going on this semester, like passing my final class... and passing and studying for comprehensive exams (dun dun dun).... as well as making some big decisions for my future. The best thing I can do for myself is take care of the trifecta: eating-sleeping-exercising.

Go team.

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