Seven Quick Takes: Holiday Edition!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Linking up with the fabulous Jen and Company today!

1. You know what makes me smile sometimes? Thinking about how Jesus had a BFF and it was Peter. The reality is, we're not meant to  be alone, we're meant to have friends. And even Jesus had a bro. :)

2. I sincerely hope other people know this too to make me feel less nerdy, but every Fourth of July and New Years Eve/Day the Syfy channel shows a marathon of The Twilight Zone. Those are two of my favorite things: marathons of the same TV show, and that show being The Twilight Zone. I LOVE THE TWILIGHT ZONE. I will seriously plan ahead and watch the marathon even though I have basically seen every episode. And not only have I seen every episode, but, well... I actually apparently don't even have to see the screen anymore to know what episode is on. I was standing in the kitchen last night washing dishes when a new one came on; I heard about, oh, three seconds of the opening, which was just some UFO-sounding noises, and I was like "Oh, this is the one where there are seven people and a bus driver in the diner, but the driver said there were only six people on the bus when they loaded and the police are convinced an alien spaceship crashed and they have to determine which person is the alien and not a real person." Honestly there aren't any I haven't seen. In related news, is anyone aware of any contests that are taking nominations for super cool people?

3. Today is awesome because I do not have to work. Obvs the Fourth of July was yesterday, but our boss gave us off today too. That is so awesome because I am so thankful to have a little mini-vacation this summer. Thanks Jack!

4. I have spoken before about my lack of desire (to put it mildly) to do laundry. I now have another confession to make: I finally broke down last night and told myself I HAD to put my dry, clean laundry away. In the pile, amongst other things, were a sweatshirt dress, a sweater, several pairs of jeans and pants, all of my boot socks and eight pairs of tights. When is the last time you think I wore a sweatshirt dress, tights and boots? Um, yeah, it appears as though I have honestly not put laundry away since APRIL. Is there a support group for this sort of thing?

5. Yesterday my family played a game called Imaginiff. It is SO much fun. Basically you write the names of all the players on the board, then you roll the die, land on a player's name, and the question is about that player. A sample question would be something like: "Imaginiff PLAYER were a character from Batman, which would she/he be?" and then six choices are listed. Each player puts down the number of their choice, and the people who have the most matching numbers win. A few of the cards, however, are set up a different way. One of those cards would be like: "Imaginiff life was a nursery rhyme. Who is  most likely to be Humpty Dumpty?"and then everyone chooses one player. While playing yesterday, I was reminded that a year or so ago my family was playing this game, and the question came up: "Imaginiff you were eating and some food fell on the floor. Which player is most likely to eat food off the floor?" The unanimous response: Anna. Thanks guys. It's important to remember that there are seven people in my family, including two brothers, but the one thing I'm certain they all agree on about me is that I'm likely to eat food off the floor.

6. You may remember that this time last year, my dad went out on a ladder during a storm (a derecho I think it was called) and fell off, breaking his leg in two places and requiring major surgery. You may also like to know that yesterday, while it was raining on the Fourth of July, this is where we found my dad:

7. July 5, 2013 is the one-year anniversary of the very best day of my life. You can read about it here. Suffice it to say, I've thought about how blessed I was by this surgery every single day since the event happened, usually multiple times a day. The Almighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name. 


  1. Thinking about #1 made me smile also. I never really thought about it like that.
    About #2. I didn't know they had a marathon on July 4th but I did know that they have a marathon every new years eve. I guess one Twilight Zone marathon can hold you 6 months until the next marathon.
    Also I think I'm going to have to find the game Imaginiff. I'm sure it could bring hours of entertainment.

    1. Thanks Amy! Every time I remember we are getting close to a TZ holiday, I get irrationally excited. :) And Imaginiff is the BEST game. Also, you find out a lot of things about yourself... that you may not want to know! Haha.


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