Double Blind

Thursday, July 11, 2013

You know what is really uncomfortable? Going on a blind date. Weirdly, after having not been out on any sort of date in well over a year, I am going on not one, but two blind dates in the next few days. When it rains it pours, right?

The first one I'm going on is tomorrow night. A woman I know who works for a dance school north of here messaged and asked if I would be interested in meeting a young Catholic guy she knows. Now, I absolutely hate dating. Does anyone like it really? But I've come to feel that, within reason, you should give everyone a chance. You never know. If they're recommended by someone I trust, then I'm fairly certain they will not turn out to be a serial killer. And you'll never meet anyone if you don't go out and meet anyone, right? My friend and her husband and this guy are meeting me halfway between our cities for dinner tomorrow night. I'm glad it's not totally a blind blind date, in that Erin and her husband will be there. But I'm at that point where I'm already nervous, I don't know what to wear, etc. You know how it is.

Wednesday evening I'm going on an actual blind date (like "he'll meet you at the bar!") at a local pizza place with a guy recommended by a girl I know and really like. Once again, I'm already nervous, etc. WHAT do you talk to these people about? I am seriously envisioning myself and this dude sitting there and staring at each for lack of anything to talk about. Ugh. I really understand why it is advised that you develop a friendship with someone before you start dating them. Because then you've been yourself all along and you would know exactly what to talk about.

Who knows... one of these guys could be the one! The only thing I'm sure of is that at least one of them isn't. :)

Speaking of, further complicating the fun blind dates is my teeny crush ("teeny") on this guy I know and am actually friends with. GAH. This is my life. :) I  mean, that's another topic for another day... how do you know if someone LIKE likes you?

Now that this post has devolved into being written by a 12-year-old, it's time to go.

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