Some Things I'm Loving...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bunnies who look like they're running for office... 

Doesn't he just look like he wants to hear about your problems with potholes on your street and the city tax increases? 

Bunnies who are so chunky they can't wait for their oats to be poured so they just dive right in and end up with some on their heads... 

That's my boy.

Really, just bunnies doing anything:

 Really funny sisters named Erin:

Precious ballet students who are dancing superstars and also class valedictorians:

That's my Dominique!

Newly planted flowers outside the dance studio because we love our city and the small part of it that's ours:

Pictures of llamas that physically (and also apparently caption-ally) resemble my brother Thomas:

These round animals failing at life:

My new computer modification that is the best thing ever:

...and being back on the blogging train. Hoping I can make it stick. 

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